Tech: The Tablet Hunt

My tablet is dying. I have finally had to admit it doesn’t hold much charge, the bluetooth keyboards can not manage to stay connected (yes, I have 2 and both of them are in bad shape too). I do NOT want to do this, but Eli is pretty sure my tablet was purchased in 2013 or 2014…. which means it’s well past “expected life” for tech – much less a tablet. Hell, it’s on Google 6.0 and can’t be updated anymore (I could probably jailbreak it and maybe get another version on there, but I’m also afraid this would brick the thing). So I need a new tablet. Unfortunately, there isn’t a tablet on the market I’m excited about. What I have now: To understand what I’ve had for the past ~6 years, it’s a Nexus 7, 32GB version with LTE access through T-mobile. The Big Problem My current tablet is 7″ and has been the perfect size for me.

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Review: Early Access Games

There has been a been hullabaloo in the gaming world lately over “Early Access Games.” This is really on the tails of a larger conversation of “unfinished releases” which are more and more common. Just go watch some early reviews of Fallout 76 or Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 – and their “day-one-patches” which are basically the same size as the game itself. I’ve played a good handful of Early Access games. I always go in knowing they are a gamble. They are promises from the developer that they will finish, but “finishing” a project is a mutable idea. I’ve worked on several projects where the line of “done” moved back and forth for damn good reasons – you run into a hurdle that you just don’t have the time or money or energy to meet the original line. Or you moved the line and then had to move it back again. The bad about Early Access (EA for short)

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Review: Adblocking

I have an adblocker. A lot of news sites (mostly news sites) I really like have started doing the “oh no! we see you have an adblocker. Please turn it off so we can get revenue!” like I am doing something wrong or unethical. You want the revenue back? Talk to your ad providers who allow malware to sneak through their ads. I have an adblocker because I got a trojan.  I don’t know where either. But a long time (like 5-7 years) ago I was just doing my usual jaunts through a few webpages and I got a trojan on my pc.  Fortunately, my antivirus caught it, quarantined it, and removed it.  But I was sitting there thinking “I didn’t click on anything.”  A co-worker at the time explained how trojans were being hidden on ad-cookies.  ADS. So I  went and got an adblocker and I’ve used it ever since. And I haven’t had a trojan since. So much like “I

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