Gaming: Space Building Games

I love building games. From SimsStuff (anything, not just the dollhouse game), Tycoon Games, Minecraft, Subnautica, Ark, Rimworld, and Terraria (better known games) to the more obscure titles like Banished, Stonehearth, Planet Nomads (my current play), and Embark. If I can build I’ve probably at least watched a YouTuber play it. It very well might be on Steam wishlist or in my library. It’s my favorite genre. I really get involved in the single-player exploration and building games like Ark, Subnautica, Planet Nomad, and Raft. I love building bases, vehicles, and exploring. I love maximizing and minimizing (I have a super-efficient Raft build, it’s like 12 tiles and only 2 floors – Super proud of it). I love testing what the buildings can create. LOVE IT. I do have a frustration with some of these game designers (I’m gonna call out Planet Nomad, Planet Crafter, Rimworld, and especially Starbound and No Man’s Sky) for being too terra-centric in their thinking

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Review: Plague, Inc.’s DLC The Cure

There is a video game called Plague, Inc. which was released in 2016. The description on the steam page is: Your pathogen has just infected ‘Patient Zero’ – now you must bring about the end of human history by evolving a deadly, global Plague whilst adapting against everything humanity can do to defend itself. Plague Inc. is so realistic that the CDC even asked the developer to come and speak about the infection models in the game! I used to LOVE this game. I have it on computer and on my iPad. And then 2020 hit. I haven’t been able to play this in over a year. Previously, it was a game I’d sit and play through for 20-30 minutes (about how long it takes for me to win or lose). I recently saw they are allowing their DLC The Cure to be played for free. I downloaded and opened it up. They have 4 difficulty modes: Casual Normal

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Review: Early Access Games

There has been a been hullabaloo in the gaming world lately over “Early Access Games.” This is really on the tails of a larger conversation of “unfinished releases” which are more and more common. Just go watch some early reviews of Fallout 76 or Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 – and their “day-one-patches” which are basically the same size as the game itself. I’ve played a good handful of Early Access games. I always go in knowing they are a gamble. They are promises from the developer that they will finish, but “finishing” a project is a mutable idea. I’ve worked on several projects where the line of “done” moved back and forth for damn good reasons – you run into a hurdle that you just don’t have the time or money or energy to meet the original line. Or you moved the line and then had to move it back again. The bad about Early Access (EA for short)

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Writing: Fixing Clue

This game has a huge plot hole that has always bothered me.  IF I am the murderer, why would I be helping solve the murder?  Theoretically, my “character” knows they committed murder – but I, the player, do not (unless the rare time you get your own card at the beginning and know you’re innocent) Clue, the board game, was originally conceived in 1949 – so we’re talking a game that’s 69 years old.  The hay-day of board games when manufactures were figuring out how to manufacture those tiny pieces reliably and ship them…. Monopoly was 1935, Scrabble 1948, and Candyland was published in 1949 as well. In case you’ve never played it, the premise of the game is that six people were invited to a house and the host ended up being murdered by one of 6 possible weapons. The six guests are then trying to solve the murder.  But one of these guests WAS the murderer – they know

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Review: Subnautica

I have been watching this game for 2-3 years.  I watched JackSepticEye and NeebsGaming playing through the beta/early access versions.  I held off buying until it went live (ok, I got it like 2 days early, so technically I was an early access supporter…) TL;DR: 5/5 review. This game is NOT 100% perfect.  I had a few glitches, but since January I’ve played through the game 2.33 times. I am going to play through again ’cause I am determined to do a hardmode play through (one death, arg…); and I am not usually the person who does that.  But damnit, I am going to with this game! So what draws me so strongly to this game? Well, I will be the first person to say I love survival games.  If you look at my steam hours played; Ark, Terraria, Starbound, Subnautica, Banished… survival & resource management. On my wishlist is games like “Surviving Mars”; “Y lands”; “Oxygen Not Included”; and “Eco” (though I’m

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Review: Planet Explorers (video game)

I started this game in early access. And Re-started when it was released. So I haven’t finished it. I’ll argue that I don’t have to hit 100% to write up a in-play review of the game! Especially because this has been a fun game from the start. Oh, it isn’t perfect, but for anyone who enjoyed Mass Effect – you will probably enjoy this game too! Pros: Ok, so I love building games and this game puts building into a position of pride and joy. The tools have some learning curve, but both the building-building AND the vehicle building is a ton of fun. (Did I mention you get to design vehicles – cars, boats and planes/helicopters!!!) Any sandbox/simulation game could take notes and build from PE to have an awesome builders experience. Story is another element I have enjoyed (so far).  It is a tad predictable, but nothing that makes me roll my eyes so much it hurts.  And the improvements

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Review: Timber and Stone

Timber and Stone (Game) I don’t know exactly how I found the Kickstarter for Timber & Stone, but I decided to back them. I got to be part of the Alpha testing group, so I got the game before most – back when it was seriously buggy. Since then, I’ve continued to follow the development of the game with enjoyment. When the latest version came out at the end of January, I downloaded it with glee. Premise: A group of settlers has come to a strange land and tries to make a home. This is a dangerous land, full of monsters and dangers. You are the guiding force helping them. Build. Fight. Survive. In case you can’t already tell, I enjoy this game. Oh, it drives me bananas. I get sooo frustrated. I might play for six hours and then suddenly get totally swamped by a goblin raid and lose everyone. I might play for less than hour and everyone

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Review: Sims 4

I have been a Sims fan since my brother bought me Sims 1.  This new game idea, taking SimCity and zooming into the individual lives.  Maxis did some cool things in Sims 1, and when Sims 2 came out they had taken some of the best, strongest and fan-favorite themes and grew the series.  They kept stretching the bounds of the game through Sims 2, really straining the engine completely. Sims 3 required a new engine because they made it open world.  Yeah, at first it was a little bare, but I was ok to have them add (most) of what they sold in Expansion Packs.  It really allowed you to customize your game – don’t like magic, ok you can avoid the supernatural stuff (more easily). I like the idea of customizing games and when EA put out a survey talking about whether to keep using Expansion Packs or some kind of subscription -get-what-you-want-from-a-store… I was intrigued they might

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