Review: Rocketbook

I mentioned my Rocketbook on my recent experience fighting to exist. I then realized – I should review this. It’s super useful and people don’t even know it exists.

Well I just gave away the gist of my review – I like my Rocketbook. I happen to like it a lot. I use it a LOT.

In my job I have a PC rather than a laptop these days, which means when we got to a conference room – I have to *gasp* write things down. I know. So uncool. So low tech. So cliche.

I hate using notebooks upon notebooks of paper. I never know what to do with them after the page has been used. Do I use a bookmark? Fold the page I’m on? How do I go back and reference my notes after I made them? More bookmarks? Post-it Notes along the side of the notebook? I hate them and I have for years, but for the longest time I didn’t have a better alternative.

All that ended with my Rocketbook. As long as you use the Frixion Pens you can wash off the pages and re-use it forever. They even give you a microfiber cloth to help keep your rocketbook clean.

Even better, you use your phone camera and scan the pages and can send it directly to 7 destinations. I have a special Google drive location set up for recipes – which I use for everything from actual recipes to grocery lists for groups of recipes (weekly shopping lists). I have another folder set up for doodles. I have one of the icons set to go to my work email and transcribe the text on the page as well as send me a PDF of my handwritten notes (the transcription isn’t great at reading my handwriting).

There are a lot of the options I haven’t been able to try and frankly would love to. I don’t use Slack anywhere or Trello. I’ve thought of testing OneNote, but I haven’t come up with a test worth the use of one of my 7 default locations.

Image from the Amazon page for the folio.

I then also got a folio for my Rocketbook. Mine is a slightly older version with a wrap-around string to hold it closed instead of elastic band. Frankly, I might have to add the upgraded version to my wish list. I don’t use the card holders much since I don’t have business cards in my current job. I definitely don’t use it as a wallet. I love having extra pens so I can switch colors.

*This review is not in any way sponsored. If Rocketbook would like to sponsor me for writing something or doing something with my Rocketbook, they are welcome to contact me!