Listening is hard

I wrote about this just the other week and then I had to live it. I listen to The Bulwark Podcast regularly. Not every day, but it is something to listen to while I’m cooking dinner and it makes me think. It also engages me with more conservative thought without being Trump supporters (Sykes might hate Trump more than any liberal I know). The other day he had a guest, Kmele Foster, who talked about anti-racism. This particular podcast was pretty hard for me to listen to. There were several points where I started to argue with my speaker and had to stop myself and listen again. I wrote just the other week how we have to really stop and listen to people. And it might have been twenty minutes before he said something that I think was really valuable. In it he is talking about cops killing white people being under-reported and how that is bad too. Then he

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SCOTUS: Bostock v. Clayton County

Oh My GOD. This opinion is amazing. If you have trouble reading legal opinions, I have a new source I’m recommending – a real lawyer reading it! So firstly, GORSUCH wrote this opinion. Trump’s first appointee is not as horrible as I had feared. I am stilled pissed Merrick Garland wasn’t voted on – but Gorsuch at least seems to be a decent Supreme Court Judge. The fact this ran 6-3, this wasn’t a “by the lines” case. Roberts and Gorsuch voted along with Ginsburg, Breyer, Sotomayor, and Kagan. Shocker – Alito, Thomas, and Kavanaugh dissented. An employer who fires an individual for being homosexual or transgender fires that person for traits or actions it would not have questioned in members of a different sex. Page 2 Well that was pretty blunt… but it gets better! From the ordinary public meaning of the statute’s language at the time of the law’s adoption, a straightforward rule emerges: An employer violates

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Politics: “Defund” Slogan

I debated all weekend whether I wanted to touch this with a hundred foot poll. I saw posts ranging from “All taxes are theft anyway, so stop paying the police” (I stopped reading here and did NOT click “show more…” to see the entire thread) to “police are all bad apples and it all needs to be rebooted from the ground up” up to “it’s a slogan to start a more nuanced conversation about re-evaluting programs between the police and other social services.” Then one of my friends posted something that really resonated with me. Language matters. This particular hashtag lumps the people who want to have a reasoned argument around re-evaluating program funding with the “police departments shouldn’t exist” (of the corruption and tax-theft crowd). Ouch. Is that right? I GET that this is more complex than a slogan can easily capture. My brother has a phrase about “no good political statement can fit on a bumper sticker” I

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Life: Quarantine Life

Life is full of stress right now. I am fighting my anxiety basically daily, like pretty much everyone else. I am avoiding the news for the most part because I want to hear something that is NOT “the world is ending.” So I am trying to cope. I am cleaning my kitchen a LOT. I am sewing masks. My first attempt was OK, but not great. Fortunately, I have lots of 1 yard scraps of material I hated to get rid of, so I have had plenty to work with. I’m pretty proud of some of my later masks. I am back on anti-anxieties. I can’t concentrate. I feel like I am losing my mind regularly. I feel like I’ve become agoraphobic because leaving my house only increases my anxiety. A walk around the neighborhood is an Event. Grocery shopping is an exhausting juggle of requirements. But worse than the ever-present stress is the frustration interacting with the world. We

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Review: The Belgariad

My brother gave me these books by David Eddings when I was in middle school and they are an old favorite. With everything going on in the world, I have been struggling to read. This is breaking my heart, but it’s true. My brain just can’t process new things from books right now. New worlds and characters are too much. So I borrowed the first book on audio book from the library just to have something comforting. I devoured them all over again. This series was a warm blanket of comfort. The characters are not extremely rounded. They are in fact mostly two-dimensional. They were tropes when Eddings wrote the book. The world is kind of flat. Very flat. Nations are not made of diverse people, the people themselves are tropes. There are only two languages (apparently) and one of them might still be more “extreme dialect difference” rather than actually a different language. Like Spain-Spanish vs. Mexico-Spanish. And somehow

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Burned Hand

I burned my hand this weekend. Just a moment of distraction while I was pulling dinner out of the oven and brushed the back of my right hand against the edge of the inside of the oven (not the heating elements, just the edge near the door). I yelped and rushed dinner to the stove. I turned on the kitchen sink to the coldest setting and stuck my hand under the water. It HURT. The pain was immediate and I wasn’t sure how bad the burn was. It wasn’t third degree (skin was still in one piece) and it hurt. It HURT. I wanted to just swear and cry. I didn’t because I didn’t want to further upset my husband and child (both were watching me with deep concern and my husband was only half-believing me on my “no no I’m ok” response to his question on my well being). I went into a sort of emotional shut-down to fight

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UGH. So the Supreme Court put out decisions a while back and I am too exhausted to read them. Reading SCOTUS opinions takes a lot of brain power and I have been trying for weeks to read the ones I care about. And I just can’t. It isn’t something I can stop and start and between a 13-month old, working from home, and the ambient stress of the world right now… I read a few paragraphs and realize I’m zoned out. So I gave in and just read some summaries. I tried to understand Barton v. Barr, but even the “plain text” articles I found made my brain hurt. I mean honestly, when I originally read up on the case I had to Google a LOT of the language and terms and even then I couldn’t say with entire confidence I understood the issues. Allen v. Cooper was better. I think it helps with the court is 9-0 on a

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Review: Tea Recommendations

I don’t drink coffee. My caffeine of choice is tea. A friend recently posted on Facebook about “not being a coffee snob” and I commented that I totally will claim my tea-snobbery. I am a tea snob. THEN another friend private messaged me and said they are trying to cut back on sodas, what tea would I recommend. I literally spent about two hours trying to respond with a tea recommendation. Because it isn’t that simple. In my snobbery of tea, I have to say – there is no one “best tea.” There are teas that are better for a specific place and purpose (if you are serving an English high tea, you should probably serve a black tea – it’s traditional). And teas are such a specific flavor palate that I can’t just say “you WILL like this one.” So if I have to give a tea I highly recommend, I love me the Tao of Tea’s Ginger Peach

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No update. have a cat.

Genkii keeps me company while I work from home. Sorry I’m not posting more. Right now I am prioritizing my family’s physical and mental health. My mental health is DEFINITELY part of the hurdle to blogging. Some days it’s all I can do to keep up with the toddler and eat.

Politics: Prescriptions

Further fallout of my Mad March of 2020 is my medication regime has taken a significant uptick. I’ve been on birth control again for a minute for exactly what the name implies. Until this month that’s been basically my only medication since I gave birth. Then my body and brain decided they hate me. So between my PCP and my asthma Dr they’ve got me on a new regime. Breo (daily asthmatic dosage) Singular (stave of allergy aggravation) Lexapro (anxiety is making me barely functional) I also realized my rescue inhaler expired. So I needed a new ProAir Respiclick. I generally use CVS as my pharmacy. It’s the closest, it’s convenient, and I like the pharmacist. He’s friendly and has been knowledgeable on every question I have. But there is something that infuriates me. I downloaded the GoodRx app to see if I could get any kind of savings. And the first thing they recommend is…. SHOP AROUND. No. NO.

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