SCOTUS:  Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization

I started over the weekend trying to write about this opinion. I couldn’t. I was too angry. My post was just angry. This decision was ugly and awful for a lot of reasons. And the one I AM going to talk about is the one which someone tried to use saying “it’s just like Brown v. Board overturning Plessy vs. Fergusen.” No. No, it really isn’t. In case you forgot, Plessy vs. Fergusen (in 1896) proposed that “separate but equal” was allowed. Racial segregation did NOT violate the Fourteenth amendment’s equal protection clause. By the 1950’s, this had been…. let’s called it “pushed the max.” Then we get Brown vs. Board of Education which is actually a collection of cases all arguing the same thing. “The plaintiffs contend that segregated public schools are not “equal” and cannot be made “equal,” and that hence they are deprived of the equal protection of the laws. ” (Brown vs. Board) They covered previous cases

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Something: Thoughts on Uvalde

This might be politics, it might be life events, it will contain some memories. I didn’t post anything on any kind of social media for days about this because it was painful. I am going to begin by saying this: I went to a school with a shooting. I went to Heritage High School, which in the spring of 1999 (1 month after Columbine) had a shooting. We were… blessed. 6 people were wounded and no one died. At the time, I was across the street at the middle school and we got locked down because… no one knew what to do. In high school I was friends with upper classmates who were there, and have PTSD (and yes, that’s present tense because decades later they keep seeing more children get shot and killed). The school itself was not a safe place for us. The building was dangerous. It was a giant potential concrete trap. We discussed how if a

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Review: Media Bias Chart

This is a little different than my normal reviews. This is a review of a review (sort of). I have been watching/using this chart for several years now. The Ad Fontes media Bias Chart. Click here to look at the chart for yourself: (I tried to link to the image but they have it VERY locked down and since I am more interested in writing than hacking, I’m not going to try to figure it out). I really enjoy looking at this chart semi-regularly and putting up my favorite sources to see where I am I getting my information. I noticed this past time… a weird, weird thing. You can kind of see it in the basic chart, but when I entered my 5 sources (all I can put in for free) it jumped out. Do you see it too? The LINE. There is a line right on that “middle bias” which exists. Now, go look at the big

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Politics: Hiring Politicians

You know what I wish? I wish candidates couldn’t know who else was in the running for a position. I wish we could treat politicians like we treat job candidates. When I interview for a job, I have no idea about the other candidates. I have no idea if they are older, younger, more or less experienced. If they can just interview better – all I can do is present myself the best I can. I get to answer the questions and ask my own about the role. Then I leave and the people hiring me make the decision. I want to do that in politics. I am so sick of attacks on the other candidates. And I know this year is going to just be awful. I have no idea how to accomplish this, it very well might be impossible. The only way I can think to make it happen is this: if you want to be a candidate

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Politics: Healthcare solutions I want

The big discussion on the left to implement universal (single-payer/government/whatever) healthcare does not address a few issues I have with the current system. This isn’t to say there aren’t valid argument in favor of universal (single-payer/government/whatever) healthcare, but this post I want to lay out some other aspects I believe need to be solved for. For the rest of this post I will just call the concept “universal healthcare” since there isn’t a more accurate term I know. Universal healthcare isn’t going to solve these and I think they are ALSO problems seeking good solutions. People Problems Universal healthcare doesn’t address the issue we have with getting high quality doctors, specialists, and nurses into the eco-system of the healthcare world. Every country I have looked at (Germany, Canada, Netherlands Japan, and the UK) ALL have issues with doctor shortages. I have heard for years and years how we can’t go to universal healthcare because “in the UK and Canada you

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Review: Iron Widow

I meant to review this awhile ago, but life got in the way. This has been sitting in my Drafts folder for too long. I really wish I could read this book a second time before I review it. There is a lot to chew on and I hope on a second reading I’ll catch more. Edit ~3 months later – this is still true. I WILL read this a second time, when I have “spare time.” I found this author on YouTube when the new Mulan movie came out. She did a review of “historical accuracy and cultural influences.” She has now done both Mulan versions and some others. She also sometimes puts out historical tellings of Imperial China. One of these involved Wu Zetian, the only woman to rule as “emperor” of China. Fuuuun. So this book is an alternate world, the main character, Wu Zetian, is “based” on the actual empress. However, throw everything else about the

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Manners: Tones Online

I keep reminding myself that, poll after poll, a majority of Americans SUPPORT mask and vax mandates, so (what small comfort this is), the whiny brats getting their way are the loud minority, not the majority. Ooof. A friend-of-a-friend (who I’ve never met) posted this on FB regarding masks in schools. The “brats” they are referencing are the parents protesting mask mandates for kids/teens. I avoided responding on FB (as stated, I don’t know this person myself) but it has been bothering me. Enough I went and found the post to copy-and-paste the words to make this post. I decided responding would be tone policing and that I shouldn’t say anything. People are allowed to be frustrated and sometimes (especially in a text-only online environment) tone can be misunderstood. This person is allowed to be frustrated that their children (possibly high-risk, immuno-compromised) are being put at greater risk. It is not my job (as a stranger) to call them out

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Life Events: Covid

My son has tested positive for Covid. He’s been in daycare, so it isn’t actually out of the blue, but it still feels sudden. I feel entirely unprepared. Fortunately, as reported, his symptoms are mild. He developed a low grade fever (right around 100F) Saturday which only reappears sporadically since then. He has a slight cough and keeps trying to dig at his nose like it’s got deep boogers. So this could have easily been just “January virus #3,762” but daycare called us Monday to inform us there was a positive case among the teachers. So we scheduled with the pediatrician for a covid test. The rapid test was positive. Fortunately, my husband and I are vaccinated and boosted, so at least we only have the mildest fear of Covid ourselves. Definitely the deeper concern is the toddler, unvaccinated. Mild Symptoms. VERY mild. He’s had ear infections that were worse. I have to keep saying it. Like every 5 minutes.

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Politics: Failure of the voters

This is a conversation I’ve been mulling on lately. The idea actually was seeded from an issue I’ve had at work my entire career. I’m in corporate training, and a wall I have bashed against many, many times is the “incentive issue.” To give an example I think most people have experienced – you call customer service for a company who provides you with a service (electricity, gas, internet, water, etc.). They will not listen to your issue until they have found you in the system. They keep having these long pauses of silence. They say they are scheduling a technician to come and address the issue and…. long, long silence. On the other end the customer service call center manager probably is pissed off too. Why do customers keep complaining about bad service? WHY ARE YOU UNHAPPY?!? Because the call representatives are given bad incentives. They are told to prioritize chatting instead of being able to silently search for

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