Memories: Police Encounters

I saw this come up in my suggested YouTube and watched it. If you are white, watch it. Because I know if you are black, you already know. I recommend watching it to you – it’s only five minutes and I think it’s a good conversation about the difference white and black people have with police. It also made me reflect on my experiences with police while I’m driving. Just the other day I was driving home from getting my son from daycare and I saw a cop sitting, clearly looking for speeders (and on a section of road notorious for speeding). Part of me was nastily glad. I hope he finds some Lexus or Mercedes driver going 15 over (ten-thousand percent possible right there!). Then I grimaced – literally – as I reminded myself the cop is more likely to look for the black kid keeping up with said Lexus or Mercedes. Damnit. DAMN IT. My first encounter while

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Politics: Black Lives Matter

I have mostly kept my hands off the keyboard on my blog on this issue. I’ve supported it since the beginning – but I am a white middle-class woman, I am not the voice people should be turning to on this issue. There are amazing black voices out there you should be turning to. Here are a few: Blair Amadeus Imani, Advocate, Historian, Organizer, Public Speaker, and Author I follow Blair on Instagram after I heard her Ted Talk “Queer & Muslim: Nothing to Reconcile”. She has this series called “smarter in seconds” where she covers a topic in very, very brief. Just enough to get me thinking. In writing for this blog post I found Blair also has a webpage which you may find useful. Ijeoma Oluo is a writer, speaker and internet yeller. She is the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller So You Want to Talk About Race. (this is directly from her website) I follow Ijeoma on

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In the Inn

This is a short story based on a DnD character I am playing. She is a hobbit paladin – and this is how she turned from simple soldier to god-blessed warrior of…. justice? I don’t even think it’s great fiction, but this is me trying to get into Lavinia’s head a little more. Lavinia held the almost mug of ale in her hand, but for once she wasn’t getting a second drink. She wasn’t merry. She wasn’t in the middle of celebrating life. Thirty years she had spent in the guard. It’s what she was good at. She definitely didn’t want to return to the family farm again. She sighed heavily. “That was a big sigh for such a small stature,” a friendly tenor said, pushing a fresh mug in front of her. A man sat down on the bench beside her, his tankard also full. “Yeah well…” Lavinia took the new mug and took a drought. It was good,

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Politics: 51st Statehood?

There is a lot of discussion since before the 2020 election about adding certain territories as new states: Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. being the major ones discussed. I can’t speak for anyone else in the US, but for me when I read about the US having literal colonial territories it’s kind of squick. I’ve been reading about Puerto Rico’s various votes since the election to see if they even want statehood and… I think so? The 2020 referendum is the best result – 54% of all eligible voters turned out (which isn’t bad, only 62% of eligible voters turned out everywhere else and PR residents can’t vote for president so….) and 52.5% voted they wanted to be a state. I think that’s not an unreasonable referendum result. Puerto Rico should be a state. The only argument I hear against PR being a state is “it won’t be fair to the GOP, they will be outnumbered in the senate.” That

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Review: Things Fall Apart

I picked up this book several years ago and put it on my “to read” shelf with great gusto. And promtly forgot about it. I wish I had read it sooner. Hell, if I was a high school English teacher, this would be part of my curriculum. It is good. I can see why it’s been aclaimed. Why the author, Chinua Achebe is aclaimed. The book isn’t long or dense. It’s a pretty easy read over all. It is more a character exploration than anything else, digging into the “whys” of human choices than following the what in a direct path. The book is broken into three parts which are unequal in length and depth. The first part is the longest in words. It is building the picture of the world of the protagonist Okonkwo and his own mindset. At the very start of the book I was a bit confused, but it did not last long. The cadence is

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Writing: Backstory

This may never show up in the novel it is for. I don’t know. I kind of like the “start with some intriguing backstory of the world” introduction to a novel. I get mildly frustrated when it’s clear there is “known lore” in the world that the characters all just know but it takes the author AGES to finally tell ME (the reader). I also like a world-history deep enough people go “oooh, I want to see that story written out too.” Twelve hundred and eighty two years ago the great age of magic ended. It was called the magical bane; within minutes every man, woman and child with the mage talent died. Their spells unraveled, their magical compulsions snapped, and many magically created creatures escaped their enclosures. Deals with demons caused the greatest havoc as those deals were not ended properly, the demons did not get the souls of the magicians they had contracted with. No one knows how

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Politics: I don’t want a big stimulus check, I want better

I didn’t say anything back in March 2020 about stimulus checks. They were a very fast solution to a serious problem. I think it was utterly appalling that there were so many issues getting people those checks…. but that is a different problem. I was very unhappy that the criteria was based on 2019 taxes – someone could have made $200,000 in 2019 but got laid off on March 13th. They just got screwed. It took me awhile to figure out why a second round of stimulus checks made my teeth itchy. Then one day when someone posted about landlords “should just have to suck it up” without that stimulus, some things began clicking into place. I realize what privilege I am speaking from that I say I don’t need a stimulus check. My husband and I have been able to transition to work-from-home. I limited my grocery trips to one hour once a week at one store to minimize

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Monster Manifestation

I sat down hard. Hard enough I felt the metal of the chair against hip bones. Granted, I don’t have much to protect those bones any more. I thought I couldn’t be surprised any more. I thought I had passed through all the crucibles they could put me through. I didn’t think I could still feel hope. My eyes fixed to the screen which outlined the form standing beside my bed. I noticed the translucence of my face on the camera, the bones almost visible through my skin. When the figure on the video reached out and touched my arm I instinctively reached and touched the same spot. It still hurt. “You see we were right.” I frowned, hating that voice with a depth I hadn’t known I could feel. I refused to look away from the screen in front of me. I leaned in to try to focus on the figure on the screen as if being closer would

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