My name is Barbara Pailet. My pseudonym is Librin Latone. I started writing and gaming under Librin or Latone or both in middle school, and the practice just stuck.

I am a writer, a gamer, and an overall nerd. I believe the journey of life has to include learning and whether that is cooking, inter-personal relations, politics, or science. This isn’t to say I only love non-fiction, I think there is a lot of learning to gain from fiction. Fiction also feeds the art which expands the possibilities we imagine.  What would medicine or astronomy or chemistry be without someone imagining a new approach or option?

I have 2 cats, Genkii (energy) and Kawaii (cutie) and a 50lb mutt-dog named Riley. I will mention them regularly because they are a daily delight in my life. Granted, sometimes when I’m playing video games they are not so much “delight” as they are “distraction”… but I love them regardless.

I am also a mom. With all the love and distractions that come from raising a small human, I still try to find time to do everything – gaming, writing, movies, pets, kid, partner, and books. Pretty sure there should be an aphorism about “insanity is trying to do everything.” 


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