Life Event: Asthma

I ended up in the ER yesterday. I am ok now, but damn that sucked. NOT how I wanted my husband to spend V-day with me. That was NOT the plan (there wasn’t a real plan just “spend time together” so…. we did that!) I went to my pulmonologist last week for my bi-annual check up.  I had some of my best results on my breathing test since I started seeing her.  And I freaking LOVE this doctor.  Of every doctor I’ve ever had – she is amazing.  She walks a balance of treating me like I am not some stupid boob but teaching me all the things I need to know to treat my disease.  She is always late, but then will spend every minute I need with me – and so as annoyed as I get for her making me wait so very, very long; I know she spent as much time with her other patients and she will spend

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Life Events: Apologies!

I have 2 reviews in progress but have written little more than intro paragraphs on them.  It has been such a crazy week for my paying-the-bills job that a LOT has slid to the side (my wonderful husband has been so supportive, I can’t even tell you how much I have needed him this week). So I will try to get (a) caught up and (b) ahead on some posts this weekend so next week won’t be so barren (I have a backlog…. now I just need some energy)

New Year’s Resolutions

I don’t do normal resolutions.  By normal I mean the list of “this year I’m gonna lose 20 lbs” or “I’m saving $1 every day” I aim for my resolutions to change me; change my outlook or my philosophy or some aspect of me.  They really become more than just one-year resolutions. For 2018, my resolution is to be bolder. To fight harder against the voice that says “no” and to look it in the eyes and say “then yes damnit!” In the world today there is a lot of “no” going around and so many artists said it in 2017 – stress makes art hard.  Fear makes art painful. Most artists can’t separate art and life (I say most because if I say “all” someone will point out some exception….) One informs and influences the other. I had a dream in the early hours of Jan 1st and it was terrifying.  I woke panting, wanting to spring up and run away. 

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Memories: Three years

Ok, so I missed the anniversary (by quite a bit actually) – but I’ve hit 3 years blogging!  Wow.  I was doing some admin clean-up and considering if I want to try a different skin (I feel like the “look” of my blog is… off/wrong/meh). I looked at my post history and found it had already been so much. I posted my first post Sept 29th 2014: This is my 226th post I’ve had 2,765 views I have 4 email subscribers, 38 WordPress followers, and 18 social followers (not sure what that one is honestly). My best viewed post was The Goethe Spectrum (which I am damn proud of anyway) followed by To the Ex-Best Friend (another one I’m proud of) As much as the Ex-Best Friend was read though, my totals for the month it was published (in 2015) was only 15 views higher than my total views last month.  Probably because of the frequency I was able to post last

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Memories: Ideal Weight

It’s holiday season, which is always a stressful time and made more stressful for people who are trying to lose weight.  With Thanksgiving past, I am seeing the annual parade of posts about “hitting the gym” and “getting back on the horse.” This is hard for me.  I am overweight.  Technically, I am “obese” although I don’t feel obese. I’m not unhappy (per say) with my size.  I would like to lose some weight, but at the same time, I am pretty happy with general shape, etc. Part of my “want to lose weight” is health.  There are some numbers which are less than ideal and I would like to get them idealized again. What makes this hardest is I know what it takes to get/keep my ideal weight.  I’ve been there.  When I graduated from college, I weighed 142lbs.  This is right about “perfect” (according to the drs) for my height.   I didn’t diet to get there, but I had managed

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Today is Black Friday in the US.  The ultimate holiday of capitalism. I will be spending my day hanging out with my family.  We will play board games, cook delicious food, and probably get into a political argument.  It’s like doing Thanksgiving 2 days in a row. So much better than going out and dealing with strangers who are elbowing each other for the latest “greatest” gadget or toy….

Politics: Local

So last year my husband and I bought a house.  And usually, I can ignore any elections in odd-number years, but 2 of the the 3 city council “at large” posts are on my local ballot.  So it’s time for: Annual Election Coverage Now, because I am just a hair paranoid, I won’t list candidate names.  And my city is new, so some of our local issues are as simple as “people figuring out how a city works.”  So of the 2 council-at-large seats up, one of them is the incumbent, facing no challengers (makes THAT vote pretty easy…)  The other seat is more fun: Candidate #1 – The Man-Boy So I don’t like this candidate and I will be voting against him.  Done.  I hate the tone on his website – he sounds smug and condescending and stupid.  He says things like “I won’t vote for the city to raise taxes” because he “believes in limited government” (our city does three

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Life Memories: Lizard

Genkii just brought me a lizard. My indoor only -not-a-hunter cat brought me a lizard. A teeny-tiny little thing. I squealed (benefits of being a female, no one is shocked when I react strongly to things like a lizard in my living room). So he drops said lizard (with a look of surprise) and it scurries under the couch (damnit!) Oh and the tail comes off.  I know, I know.  They are supposed to. My cat is fascinated by tail.  Yes, like he’s supposed to be…. but now there is a lizard somewhere in my living room. I am not happy.

Life Event: Charlottesville

I almost posted Sunday. That is when I saw the news. Saturday I had disconnected and was (blessedly) unaware of what went down “in real time.” I saw blessedly because I’ve seen streams of tweets and such that made things sound WORSE then reality – so by only reading up later I was able to not even believe “dozens were killed.” I decided to wait, let the heat cool and my anger lower to a simmer.  Originally, the plan was “when I’m not angry” but I’ve realized that isn’t going to happen. I’m not going to stop being angry. How can anyone be anything less than infuriated? How do some of these folks sleep at night knowing they don’t care enough to be bothered by this? My husband can attest I’ve been having nightmares every night this week – and I wake up angry. How did they go to church on Sunday morning and not weep at the tragedy occurring in our

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Musings: Time for Craft

I like to feel creative.  This past weekend I cleaned up my “craft corner.”  Unburied my sewing machine (God I want to be able to sew my own clothes). Found my calligraphy pen – nibs are still missing, but I still have 2 boxes to deal with.  Pulled out my watercolor paints and put a sheet on my little easel.  Never got around to painting because of those 2 boxes in the way of being able to SIT at my craft table. So I decided to list out the things I enjoy doing, however rarely I do them: Writing (duh, right) Reading (again, duh) Video Games (I should do more reviews of them) Sewing (not that I’m very good) Calligraphy Painting (mostly watercolor, but I have some acrylics I want to play with “someday”) Pottery (no place in my world for it, but I have loved it every time I did it) Cooking Baking (yes, this is different than cooking!) Then there

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