Pets: Aging

I adopted Genkii and Kawaii in fall of 2007. When I adopted them, they were less than a year old, about 7-9 months old. At 14, Genkii is finally less “energy” and turning into an older man. He doesn’t get “zoomies” as often. He is “talking” less. More alarming to me are some physical signs of age. His spine is probably the one I worry about the most. Genkii has always been skinny. I have always had to do a mix of 1/2 kitten food, 1/2 adult food to keep his weight at a healthy level. Kitten food has a higher fat content. When I have tried to cut out (or been unable to get) kitten food, he gets so skinny you can feel his ribs when you pet him. His ribs have a nice layer on them right now, his spine however is boney. Almost spiky. In my experience, when a cat begins to be boney like this –

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Throwback Thurs: Cinnamon

I found some old notebooks at the bottom of the box last weekend – including one my first ever journals.  The first three entries frankly brought me to tears. They are all about my first cat Cinnamon. Text: Thurs, Feb. 18, 1997 Today I haven’t been feeling well so I called Mom and came home sick. I’ve slept most of the afternoon and I am about to go to bed. Vic, a kid in my class, asked me on the 4 if I would go out with him. It was the morning after Cinnamen [sic] had been put down so I was still upset. He kept on pressuring me until Brittney started to beat him up. [I feel like I need to define “beat up” was usually with a piece of PAPER] I am having a rough year so far. Vic is only making it worse. [God, I feel so sorry for him.  His timing was TERRIBLE – but it

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Here’s how it goes (maybe this is only funny in MY head…).  This name has two possible conversations when meeting people: Dog growling and snarling. Stranger: Wow your dog isn’t too friendly, is he. Owner: No, my dog is Friendly. Dog growls and lunges. Stranger: Ummm… no, your dog is definitely not friendly. Owner: I’m telling you, the dog IS Friendly. Stranger: That isn’t any definition of friendly I’d ever use. Owner: But he IS Friendly. Or: Dog wags tail and grins at people. Stranger: Wow! What a friendly dog. Owner: Yup. Friendly. Dog wriggles from shoulders down because of that tail-wag. Stranger: I don’t think I’ve seen such a sweetie. Owner: No, he’s Friendly. Stranger: Well yeah, I said that…   I’m telling you – perfect dog name.  As the owner you could have some damn fun conversations.

Memories: Poor Little Mousey….

Poor little mousey. Dead little mousey. Mousey with no head. I only wanted to play… I grew up with this snippet of a poem.  I don’t even remember any more of it.  The problem of course is when mousey still has a head.  When mousey is scared witless.  When mousey is trying to hide under your dresser and the kitty REALLY thinks its a fun toy.  When Genkii REALLY is trying to grab mousey to take to Mommy.  Who is happily asleep in bed. Yes, I woke up one morning at 7am, and Genkii had found a mouse. I was living in my parents’ basement while unemployed and although this was unusual – well mice have the reputation for getting into places they don’t belong for well-deserved reasons. Genkii had gotten the mouse to my bedroom. I have no idea how. Did he already catch it once? Was it luck that it ran to this room? (I looked later – it’s “exit”

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