Throwback Thurs: Cinnamon

I found some old notebooks at the bottom of the box last weekend – including one my first ever journals.  The first three entries frankly brought me to tears. They are all about my first cat Cinnamon. Text: Thurs, Feb. 18, 1997 Today I haven’t been feeling well so I called Mom and came home sick. I’ve slept most of the afternoon and I am about to go to bed. Vic, a kid in my class, asked me on the 4 if I would go out with him. It was the morning after Cinnamen [sic] had been put down so I was still upset. He kept on pressuring me until Brittney started to beat him up. [I feel like I need to define “beat up” was usually with a piece of PAPER] I am having a rough year so far. Vic is only making it worse. [God, I feel so sorry for him.  His timing was TERRIBLE – but it

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Here’s how it goes (maybe this is only funny in MY head…).  This name has two possible conversations when meeting people: Dog growling and snarling. Stranger: Wow your dog isn’t too friendly, is he. Owner: No, my dog is Friendly. Dog growls and lunges. Stranger: Ummm… no, your dog is definitely not friendly. Owner: I’m telling you, the dog IS Friendly. Stranger: That isn’t any definition of friendly I’d ever use. Owner: But he IS Friendly. Or: Dog wags tail and grins at people. Stranger: Wow! What a friendly dog. Owner: Yup. Friendly. Dog wriggles from shoulders down because of that tail-wag. Stranger: I don’t think I’ve seen such a sweetie. Owner: No, he’s Friendly. Stranger: Well yeah, I said that…   I’m telling you – perfect dog name.  As the owner you could have some damn fun conversations.

Memories: Poor Little Mousey….

Poor little mousey. Dead little mousey. Mousey with no head. I only wanted to play… I grew up with this snippet of a poem.  I don’t even remember any more of it.  The problem of course is when mousey still has a head.  When mousey is scared witless.  When mousey is trying to hide under your dresser and the kitty REALLY thinks its a fun toy.  When Genkii REALLY is trying to grab mousey to take to Mommy.  Who is happily asleep in bed. Yes, I woke up one morning at 7am, and Genkii had found a mouse. I was living in my parents’ basement while unemployed and although this was unusual – well mice have the reputation for getting into places they don’t belong for well-deserved reasons. Genkii had gotten the mouse to my bedroom. I have no idea how. Did he already catch it once? Was it luck that it ran to this room? (I looked later – it’s “exit”

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