Something: Thoughts on Uvalde

This might be politics, it might be life events, it will contain some memories. I didn’t post anything on any kind of social media for days about this because it was painful. I am going to begin by saying this: I went to a school with a shooting. I went to Heritage High School, which in the spring of 1999 (1 month after Columbine) had a shooting. We were… blessed. 6 people were wounded and no one died. At the time, I was across the street at the middle school and we got locked down because… no one knew what to do.

In high school I was friends with upper classmates who were there, and have PTSD (and yes, that’s present tense because decades later they keep seeing more children get shot and killed). The school itself was not a safe place for us. The building was dangerous. It was a giant potential concrete trap. We discussed how if a shooter appeared, we would begin pelting them with books and other objects in the room, break windows (there was only one floor so everything was an exit), and get behind cars, trees, under bushes.

I don’t understand how 23 years later we have worse shootings. Like, worse than nothing has been done. Instead of improvements, things are worse.

And I am angry. I am furious that the “goods guys with guns” stood around and did nothing (the cops, FYI) in Uvalde. I am furious that they waited for a fucking door key. The pictures I saw looks like there were a shit-ton of windows where they could have gone through. Were those windows bullet proof or something?

And I am angry at the NRA and the politicians who are supporting the NRA. They should be providing solutions. I will take bad ideas right now because we need to make change. I will not vote for any politician right now who thinks we should have unrestricted gun rights. It isn’t even constitutional….

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.