Life Events: Covid

My son has tested positive for Covid. He’s been in daycare, so it isn’t actually out of the blue, but it still feels sudden. I feel entirely unprepared.

Fortunately, as reported, his symptoms are mild. He developed a low grade fever (right around 100F) Saturday which only reappears sporadically since then. He has a slight cough and keeps trying to dig at his nose like it’s got deep boogers. So this could have easily been just “January virus #3,762” but daycare called us Monday to inform us there was a positive case among the teachers. So we scheduled with the pediatrician for a covid test.

The rapid test was positive. Fortunately, my husband and I are vaccinated and boosted, so at least we only have the mildest fear of Covid ourselves. Definitely the deeper concern is the toddler, unvaccinated. Mild Symptoms. VERY mild. He’s had ear infections that were worse.

I have to keep saying it. Like every 5 minutes.

I bought a pair of rapid at-home tests right after Christmas, thinking with the rise of the Omicron variant, we should have it in the house because we will need it sooner or later. I took the test this morning (Thursday) and it was negative. I unfortunately left it out beyond the 15 minutes it is supposed to be valid for and after 15 minutes I could see a line on the “positive” spot. But the instructions specifically state it isn’t a valid positive after 15 minutes.

Yes, my anxiety is running high. Despite the positive things (mild symptoms, negative rapid test, vaccines) this has been a low-level fear for the past 2 years and suddenly became very real. I am medicated for anxiety, but moments like this I have to wrestle with “feeling my feelings” vs “what is reality.” Because my feelings do not level with reality.

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