Prayers Please

I took all the animals to the vet a few weeks ago. I took Riley on Monday and the cats that Wed. Mostly good.

Except Genkii has a lump. Vet took a sample, put it on a slide to see if it was a cyst or cancer. It came back cancer. So Genkii is going in today to get it removed.

Pray for my sweet cuddler baby today. He’s 12, so although he’s in excellent health he’s considered “senior” AND he’s not been under anesthesia since getting neutered (which was before my time).

Writer, nerd, and perpetual student. I am obsessed with books - both the reading and the making of them. If I won the lottery I would try to have the best private(ish) library in the world. It wouldn't be totally private because the whole purpose of having books is helping other people find a book they will love. I have 2 cats, Genkii (energy) and Kawaii (cutie). I will mention them regularly because they are a daily delight in my life. Granted, sometimes when I'm playing video games they are not so much "delight" as they are "distraction"... but I love them regardless.