Review: Timber and Stone

Timber and Stone (Game)

I don’t know exactly how I found the Kickstarter for Timber & Stone, but I decided to back them. I got to be part of the Alpha testing group, so I got the game before most – back when it was seriously buggy. Since then, I’ve continued to follow the development of the game with enjoyment. When the latest version came out at the end of January, I downloaded it with glee.

Premise: A group of settlers has come to a strange land and tries to make a home. This is a dangerous land, full of monsters and dangers. You are the guiding force helping them. Build. Fight. Survive.

In case you can’t already tell, I enjoy this game. Oh, it drives me bananas. I get sooo frustrated. I might play for six hours and then suddenly get totally swamped by a goblin raid and lose everyone. I might play for less than hour and everyone starves. It’s usually my own fault. The challenge is what makes it fun, and the creator Robert has consistently replied to feedback to dial up and down the difficulty – trying to find a perfect medium. When this latest version (1.6.3) came to the Alpha group, I feel like he might have found it. When I screw up, people die. When I manage correctly, they survive.

Anyone who enjoys real-time-strategy and/or building can enjoy this game. For me, who loves these two genres above pretty much everything, this game encompasses everything I love to see. I design. I build. I fight. I grieve when I fail my people. Someday I hope to plunder as well.

Even in a beta status – this is one of my favorite games. It has come so far – I can’t wait to see where he continues to take this game.

If you are a gamer who likes RTS, you absolutely should go to Steam’s Greenlight and get this game!