Religion: Learning from Lent

Easter has just passed. Every year, Lent reminds me of the one year I gave something up. I was a sophomore in high school and I gave up wearing pants. Not that I went naked, but I wore skirts and dresses during lent.

I know, weird right? I remember that I knew it was what I was supposed to give up well before lent started, like two or three months. I talked to my parents and arranged with school to allow me to wear skirts in gym class.

It taught me several things. First, it taught me that wearing a skirt doesn’t have to stop me, prevent me, or even slow me down. I could be as feminine as I wanted and still be a feminist. Secondly, it taught me some humility. I only had a handful of skirts and dresses, so I had to repeat my clothes a lot more than I had before. Something I think every consumer-driven-Christian should make sure they do sometime in their walk.  Lastly, it gave me insight into something new I could be, that I could remake myself and become the person I want to be.

God had me give up wearing pants to get me to see that I can be me no matter where I am or what I am wearing. Nothing so silly as pants vs. skirts to make me feel like I am doing it wrong (whatever “it” is!). So when I see my guy friends wear utilikilts, I cheer. When I chose to start wearing pants to church, I knew it was because God doesn’t care what we’re wearing. What he wants is our hearts and our hands.  So I don’t have to wear skirts. Or pants. I can keep walking towards God and following God’s plan no matter what I wear.

Or as Herbrew 6:1 says “[…]let us go on unto perfection[…]”