Politics: Returning to Gun Control

I haven’t revisited my stance on gun control since 2015. I still stand by my stance that I want responsible gun owners to be able to keep their guns, but my post from 2014 is now inaccurate. At the time, the latest data was from 2012. Well, the data has updated and I feel it is only appropriate for me to revisit this conversation at least to acknowledge this.

In this article, the data from 2017 is out and…. well now guns kill more people than cars. The latest data available for free (you can buy the 2017 report right now) is 2016. And in 2016 the numbers were not good.

Just to compare:

  2012 2016 Percentile
Total firearms (not suicides):8,855 14,415 163%
Total homicide (all weapons):12,765 19,362 152%
Total motor vehicle:30,800 40,327 131%

Now, I’m not happy that all these numbers are rising. That is NOT a good trend line. But the trend line on firearms in the highest of the bunch.

I still don’t have an answer, but I know this – status quo is not acceptable. If those people who know and love guns don’t want the rabid “they are coming for the guns” to get my support- then I need to hear an alternative. Because just saying “it won’t work” isn’t good enough. Trying something is better than watching this trend line continue. And without an alternative, I will end up supporting politicians with bad ideas over politicians who give me none.

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