Books: Resolution

I am dragging myself through The Bell Jar. I can read maybe a chapter at a time – so I am going to go ahead and download A Tale of Two Cities from librivox and start listening to it on my commute to/from work (while I have a commute….

I am downloading “version 2” read by Paul Adams ( ) if you want to know my source.

Writer, nerd, and perpetual student. I am obsessed with books - both the reading and the making of them. If I won the lottery I would try to have the best private(ish) library in the world. It wouldn't be totally private because the whole purpose of having books is helping other people find a book they will love. I have 2 cats, Genkii (energy) and Kawaii (cutie). I will mention them regularly because they are a daily delight in my life. Granted, sometimes when I'm playing video games they are not so much "delight" as they are "distraction"... but I love them regardless.