Life Event: 3rd Trimester

I have been in the 3rd trimester awhile now, but it finally “got interesting” (which isn’t a good thing in pregnancy).

We were doing great until about two weeks ago when my blood pressure spiked. I won’t say there wasn’t a catalyst (there was), but it also wasn’t entirely without merit. The doctor has been aware I was at risk of my BP going up from the beginning. Between my asthma and starting out overweight – the fact I made it to week 36 without spikes or increases was awesome.

So I borrowed an at-home BP monitor from my parents and started taking data. Never let a nerd collect their own data unless you don’t mind them doing things like making a trendline. And seeing the trendline of my BP over the past 2 weeks…. doesn’t make me a happy camper.

I mean, we are past the “oh god he’s not done yet” – this cookie is cooked. Now we are looking at how crispy he’s going to be when he comes out. We don’t have to worry about “not cooked” any more, but right now he’s probably still chewy and theoretically we want a perfect golden-brown finish. However, the oven might be breaking down and rather than have the oven crack, we might have to pull this cookie out a little sooner.

So right now, we are waiting to see if he will be “on time” or if my health will require that we jump a little early. It is terrifying because this whole thing is a little scary, but it isn’t at the same time because I know that he is healthy and if he needed to be born today – well, he will be at the least-risk-possible.

There is a previously unspoken apology – you might have noticed my blog has been very sporadic the past few weeks. Yeah…. I’m struggling but I can’t juggle everything right now.