Memories: Three years

Ok, so I missed the anniversary (by quite a bit actually) – but I’ve hit 3 years blogging!  Wow.  I was doing some admin clean-up and considering if I want to try a different skin (I feel like the “look” of my blog is… off/wrong/meh). I looked at my post history and found it had already been so much.

As much as the Ex-Best Friend was read though, my totals for the month it was published (in 2015) was only 15 views higher than my total views last month.  Probably because of the frequency I was able to post last month – and yes I know I’ve faltered this month already – it’s been busy!  I’m getting back on the horse.

I am already doing some planning for 2018 – some ideas I have to freshen up the ‘ole bloggeru and get myself into the right headspace.


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