Review: Adblocking

I have an adblocker. A lot of news sites (mostly news sites) I really like have started doing the “oh no! we see you have an adblocker. Please turn it off so we can get revenue!” like I am doing something wrong or unethical.

You want the revenue back? Talk to your ad providers who allow malware to sneak through their ads.

I have an adblocker because I got a trojan.  I don’t know where either. But a long time (like 5-7 years) ago I was just doing my usual jaunts through a few webpages and I got a trojan on my pc.  Fortunately, my antivirus caught it, quarantined it, and removed it.  But I was sitting there thinking “I didn’t click on anything.”  A co-worker at the time explained how trojans were being hidden on ad-cookies.  ADS.

So I  went and got an adblocker and I’ve used it ever since. And I haven’t had a trojan since.

So much like “I wash my hands after using the restroom” – “I use an adblocker” just seems like common sense.  Oh, you want that to be unnecessary so your website can make money?  DEAL with the root of the issue (the ad-issue, I’m not sure we’re ready to tackle the bathroom one).  In your notice, instead of trying to appeal to me about how I am keeping you from buying food…. talk to me about how you have done so very, very much to make sure that my ad-experience is (a) not intrusive and (b) SAFE.  Not to be harsh – ok to be harsh – I don’t care whether you make a damn profit. I just don’t want to get sick and die. I am a selfish creature and THAT is the appeal you need to make.

And push back on those ad-providers. Push back this shit on them and tell them that “no, you CAN’T embed even potentially malicious code – it has to hit some security check-points and BE SAFE.” Just as I have the power to deny you revenue, you have the power to deny them revenue (seriously, I want to make the “I host a website and all ads go through my anti-virus checker” software/add-on – and yes, I know that isn’t exactly how it works. it’s called fantasy.)