Review: Heroes’ Lunch


Let’s do this!

Some of this was inspired by all those books where the hero eats “bread and cheese” for a meal – I was poking in my kitchen this weekend and needed a meal. So I took my last 2 deviled eggs, some grapes, homemade bread and put CHEESE on it.

I grew up eating open-faced tomato and cheese sandwiches (kinda like this), but I only had grape tomatoes and didn’t think they would work well.  So I toasted my cheese & bread.

It wasn’t bad. Like 3.5/5.

I knew it wouldn’t be inedible.

Some of the problem is my cheese. This is just regular yellow american. Not the most flavorful cheese in the world. As I was eating I was thinking a nice munster or Gruyere would be better. Especially the Gruyere with the white grapes… cheese and wine are nice but honestly – cheese and grapes are better. Something with a little kick would have made this actually a kind of fabulous meal.

Bacon of course would make a pretty great substitute for the deviled eggs, but the eggs are healthier (and leftovers, so need to eat them up). I can’t come up with an “as good” substitute for the grapes. Maybe a nice honey crisp apple- you need a little tart to offset the sweetness of the cheese.  So if the cheese was like gouda you could flip to like peaches or pears.

What other foods do heroes tend to eat that I should try?


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    1. I’ve been re reading a series where everyone drinks “spiced wine” and I was thinking “what the hell IS that.” Apparently, they are the same thing so…. I guess this’ll go on the list!


  1. I’d love to see you get some of those cookbooks tied in to fictional universes and cook the recipes and review them.


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