Life Memories: Paper Anniversary

Last spring I ran away with the man I’m in love with and got married.

God that is still a lot of a fun to say.  This year, I took the week of our anniversary as vacation. It was very good, especially because I can’t remember the last time I took a full week of just vacation.  Not moving or packing or because I was sick….

It was kind of glorious.  And spending about $200 on books was pretty awesome too.  My list of books getting recovered from the storage-unit-mold-disaster is slowly coming around.  The books that are left were always going to be the hardest ones to find: out of print or role-playing books (which even if not “hard to find” are “damn expensive”)

He also took my calligraphy exam paper from my semester in Japan to get it framed in a gorgeous black-bamboo frame. He managed to filch it during our move last fall and I just haven’t known where it is for the past four months or so (we still have a lot of boxes).  Sneaky man. Fortunately, year 2 will be the “cotton” anniversary and I already have an idea of what I can get for him next year (or make if I can be sneaky enough).