Musing: Books & Time

I have recently (in the past year or so) been able to really deepen my ties into some good sources for books. I tweaked my Goodreads notifications and now get daily deal emails that regularly tease me with books I want to read. My husband has found some truly treasure-worthy book stores in our area and supports me going to library book sales. My favorite has been my Library Extension in Chrome – which works on Amazon & Goodreads (ironically, not in Google Play).

Between these sources my Goodreads Want to Read list has gotten a little…. long.  And it doesn’t usually contain the physical books sitting on my “to be read” stack at home (which my husband totally laughed at this weekend when I sorted it).  I am devouring more books now that I have since middle or high school.

And I love it.

I always dreamed that I would have a life where reading was something that was as easy and natural as eating.  And I’m pretty sure the reading is easier these days ’cause I have to cook and clean when I want to eat.