Manners: A specific bumper sticker

After posting about bumper stickers here, I had a few conversations about bumper stickers – and realized something I hadn’t thought about before.

I hate the “Baby on Board” stickers/posters/things on cars.

Not because they are unreasonable, but because they are considered “necessary” for new parents to protect their child.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Most people put those on their car to communicate to the world. Not bragging like the “my child is an honor student” – but to protect their child. There is a necessity to communicate that there is human life in a car. Because drivers around them might not realize that the car in front of them on the road contains human lives. And even worse, they are making the emotional appeal to that terrible driver, because well we can’t expect drivers to respect adult lives – but maybe they will not try to kill a child.

Not to say children’s lives are more important, merely that their is an emotional appeal that might work for children that for some reason doesn’t work for adult lives.

Next time you see one of those, look at it. Look at it and think about why that parent put it there. I’m sure some of them are placed in a “bragging” capacity, but it isn’t bragging. It’s begging you to back off. Stay away. Don’t hurt – or kill -their child.

It’s heartbreaking.

It’s infuriating.

Do we really have to remind our fellow drivers that there are human lives in other vehicles? What sort of monsters have to be told not to risk killing someone else?

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