Politics: My Snarky explanation of political theories

Here is how I explain different political theories:

Democracy: (Otherwise known as Democrazy) Everyone gotta know everything. Every bill. Every law. Every budget gets voted on by every body. No body does nothin’ ’cause nobody got time.

Marxism/Communism (socialism’s extremism): (What the dude wrote, not what the other dude did) Let’s not have a “government” and just take care of each other. I’ll make shirts for everyone and you grow food for everyone. Then we’ll dance and sing all day.

Anarchy (libertarian’s extremism): Let’s not have a government and I’ll do everything for myself! I don’t need nobody! I make da shirts! I make da doctorness! I grow my food!

Fuedalism: (liege relationships) I’ve proven I’m the smartest person in the room, do what I tell you to and I’ll take care of you. Seriously. See, nice and easy there.

Dictatorship: (authoritarianism) I totally believe I’m the smartest person in the room and convinced you to believe me. Do what I say or else….

Monarchy: We all agree that those people are special somehow and will listen to them. Unless we’re hungry. Then they’ll die.