Review: Spice and Tea (St. Augustine, FL)

I recently visited St. Augustine for a much-needed beach vacation. It was fabulous, and I was so excited to find Spice and Tea in downtown. First I smelled several teas, they smelled good. I finally settled on some 1 oz “sample” bags and 2 larger 4 oz bags: Emperor’s Chai (4 oz) Peach Turmeric Herbal (4oz) Sinfully Cherry (1 oz) Florida Sunshine (1 oz) Grapefruit Basil (1 oz) Oh. My. God. These are amazing blends. I did not expect to like the grapefruit basil, I smelled it thinking I would recoil. It smelled good. Quite floral and fruity. Hence the 1 oz bag to try it. Holy crap, it’s amazing! It is a little sweet by itself, I added a hint of sugar and…. I swear I almost had to take my clothes off (if you have seen Food Wars anime, you’ll get that reference). It isn’t a subtle flavor it sinks in and you just have to ride the

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Review: Tea Recommendations

I don’t drink coffee. My caffeine of choice is tea. A friend recently posted on Facebook about “not being a coffee snob” and I commented that I totally will claim my tea-snobbery. I am a tea snob. THEN another friend private messaged me and said they are trying to cut back on sodas, what tea would I recommend. I literally spent about two hours trying to respond with a tea recommendation. Because it isn’t that simple. In my snobbery of tea, I have to say – there is no one “best tea.” There are teas that are better for a specific place and purpose (if you are serving an English high tea, you should probably serve a black tea – it’s traditional). And teas are such a specific flavor palate that I can’t just say “you WILL like this one.” So if I have to give a tea I highly recommend, I love me the Tao of Tea’s Ginger Peach

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