Politics: Hiring Politicians

You know what I wish? I wish candidates couldn’t know who else was in the running for a position. I wish we could treat politicians like we treat job candidates. When I interview for a job, I have no idea about the other candidates. I have no idea if they are older, younger, more or less experienced. If they can just interview better – all I can do is present myself the best I can.

I get to answer the questions and ask my own about the role. Then I leave and the people hiring me make the decision.

I want to do that in politics. I am so sick of attacks on the other candidates. And I know this year is going to just be awful.

I have no idea how to accomplish this, it very well might be impossible. The only way I can think to make it happen is this: if you want to be a candidate you show up at a studio on a specific day and get to record a 15 minute “speech” (5 minutes? 30 minutes? I dunno) laying out your platform. Once all the candidates are recorded, they are all published. and that’s the entirety of the campaign.

How do we stop social media opinions from candidates? No idea.

How do we prevent candidates from being interviewed on podcasts or on tv BEFORE running for office? No idea.

How do we prevent a candidate who is famous (or infamous) for their position from running and everyone knows what their platform is because they are like an activist? No idea.

Like I said, probably impossible. Doesn’t mean I don’t want it. I think I might be a single-issue voter this year: “if you’re an asshole, I won’t vote for you.”