SCOTUS: Opinions Unread so far

I am still playing “catch-up” on May and this week I’m seeing the Supreme Court put out opinions – and some of the headlines I’m reading are making me want to drop important chores (like dishes) to the wayside and find out how some of these judges are leaning and WHY.

I know, I’m a nerd.

So I am bookmarking the SCOTUS opinions page ( if you’re curious) and I am going to read and blog about at least some of the cases.

I’ve already heard some commentary on the Van Buren v. United States case, but I am curious about the opinions – because Gorsuch, Barret, and Kavanaugh all sided with Sotomayor, Breyer, and Kagen.

I will probably blog Sanchez v. Mayorkas and Garland v. Ming Dai together because they both deal with immigration (that’s about all I know, I’ve only read the abstracts). This isn’t my area of expertise, so we’ll see when I read them if they are a combo-decision or not.

I am definitely going to read United States v. Cooley because it was unanimous – and considering how contentious the court has been I am very excited to see what they actually AGREE on.

Borden v. United States just posted this morning and looking at the abstract. I am worried this one might be too much “turns on a single word” which is only fun for actually lawyers and grammarians.

Right now my reading order is:

  • United States v. Cooley
  • Van Buren v. United States
  • Sanchez v. Mayorkas and Garland v. Ming Dai
  • Borden v. United States.

We’ll see what else SCOTUS decides on an I’ll adjust my reading accordingly!