Update: the Month of May

May was a terrible month this year. TERRIBLE. bright side is my husband gets MVP for life. LIFE.

So in April my birth control failed. Ok, technically the failure had to happen in March, but I found out in April.

May 1st I had a miscarriage. I won’t go into details (I’m a writer, I could and in my journal I did. In graphic detail.). For two weeks after May 1st I was still dealing with that.

I woke up the next morning to a toddler bed covered in vomit. Remy had thrown up all over his bed… his pillows… his stuffies…. and yes, all over himself. So unhappy toddler cleanup while I am miserable and in pain.

The Monday after (May 3rd) both my husband and myself get hit by the vomit-bug my kid had. Monday night my father-in-law brought Chick-fil-A for the kiddo while my husband and I literally each picked a toilet and emptied our stomachs. There was a point where I was upstairs in the master bath throwing up and I could hear him on the main floor in the half bath doing the same thing. I have no idea how Remy got put to bed that night. I honestly I have no clue.

So we begin the slow, steady climb that week back to health…. and over the weekend all three of us get hit by some kind of “congestion/nose running out of hell” nastiness. Fever. Congestion so bad my teeth hurt (much less the rest of my head). Exhaustion. A cough that wracks the whole body.

The boys begin recovering, but I am struggling. BADLY. So that Thursday (last week) I decide to go to the walk-in-for-patients clinic done by my PCP (love that they do this!). They do strep, influenza, and covid tests – all negative. They get an x-ray of my chest (looks clear – not pneumonia). So the doctor puts me on a strong dose of prednisone (steriod) and tells me to drink lots of liquids and rest.

I have tried. I have a toddler so there are limitations to the “rest” I can take. I do try. I have a half-a-million things I need to be getting done and almost none of them are getting done (example: dishes are in terrible shape and that’s with help from family the past 2 weeks). And for the most part my congestion is clearing up.

I have a cough. I have a nasty cough. The boys in the house occasionally cough. I hack. It rattles in my chest. And it hurts. Every breath feels like that breath when it’s cold outside. That breath where you feel the cold all way down your bronchial tubes. It’s 80-something and every breath feels like’s 20-something. So today I called my pulmonologist’s office.

After talking to the nurse, she sent me to urgent care to have a doctor listen to my lungs (ok “since we can’t see you in person” – the urgent care doctor talked me, listened to my lungs and went from there).

So now I’m on antibiotics and instructions to use my asthmatic medication every four hours (yuck). Hopefully this will put me on the right track though and get me healthy again.