2021 Goals

So I guess I DO resolutions. At least when it comes to my own reading goals every year. Goodreads “reading challenge” always at least gets me thinking about it. This year I have three personal goals I want to tackle. The first is my reading goal which is to get through my to-be-read pile. I have spent the last several months collecting them together from the various spots I park books I want to read (bedside table, office, kitchen, car…. yes I KNOW they don’t belong there!). Yes, the toddler likes to “help.”

42 books to read this year!

It was NOT intentional, but there are 42 books on this table. Some of these did actually come off my bookshelf because I have been looking at them going “I really should finally get to READING that book.” Some of them are quite different from my usual fantasy/sci-fi fare. I am not going to torture myself saying I MUST read all these books, if something gets released this year or I get recommended something I won’t promise to detour. My GOAL is to reduce this pile significantly so I’m slightly less embarrassed at my to-read stack.

My second goal is my writing goal. I am going to try to put up at least two short stories on here every month. They are probably going to be terrible, but I need to get back into working my writing muscles with some different exercises. I might subscribe to a writing prompter somewhere just to flex and practice again.

My final goal is related to sewing. It’s something I’ve picked up as an outlet during this pandemic and I’m finding it creatively engaging. I have a lammily doll (I supported the kickstarter) and I want to learn to “design” my own patterns/clothes. Instead of wasting yards and yard of fabric I went to Goodwill and got some of the ugliest pillowcases they had on the shelves. I am going to practice putting together clothes for the doll so I can practice things like pants legs (I learned how to do them YEARS ago and all I really remember is getting the crotch right is “tricky”) and shoulders and hips. I have looked at cosplayers for years in jealousy – now I am doing something to change this.

I see light at the end of the pandemic tunnel. I sincerely pray President Biden can achieve 100 million vaccines in 100 days because that will be a powerful move towards society being able to find our new normal. I won’t say “return to normal” because I think so many people have been profoundly changed by the past ten months, in businesses accepting work-from-home as a potential norm to restaurants engaging in more takeout than ever all the way to virtual courtrooms. I think it will be a new normal.

As such I am going to define my new normal. Reading. Writing. Sewing. Cooking.