Life Events: Furniture Feelings

We sold our guest bed this weekend. I have feelings about it.

It didn’t start as our guest bed. It started as my bed. The first bed I even actually bought. When I graduated from college I took the old double-bed from my parents house which I had been using. It was ok, but after my second move with it, the wooden frame was EXTREMELY creaky.

So my parents and I made me a custom bed with storage underneath (I’ve always carted around far too many books for apartment living with roommates). This bed was large enough to be upgraded to a queen mattress, but it survived through with a double.

Homemade beds don’t last well when you move almost annually, and when a friend at work posted she was getting rid of her wrought iron bed and queen mattress… I jumped on it. I have since replaced the mattress, but I loved this frame.

This is the picture from about a week ago.

It is a great frame. When the mattress was getting old and lumpy (I have no idea how old it was), I replaced it with a pretty nice pillow top. It was a very comfy bed, but my husband had a king size bed, so it made sense to make that our primary bed (although I do NOT like his sleigh frame with drawers choice very much).

We decided earlier this year we wanted to put a daybed into our guest room instead so there’s more room in there. A queen size bed dominates the space of the 10’x10′ bedroom (which is a perfectly respectable bedroom size!). With the pandemic we put off and put off – but I finally decided this needed to get DONE.

I posted the mattress and box spring with the plan being to store the frame (for no good reason except I emotionally wanted it). I knew this was ridiculous and the likelihood we will need or want this frame in the next 20 years… but I love this frame. It isn’t logical.

But the young man who purchased the mattress wanted the frame (or his mother wanted him to have a frame and it was available) so the frame went as well. All the queen sized sheets, a quilt, the mattress, the box spring, and the frame were all loaded up to go on to their new home where they will be used. I hope he appreciates what a great frame he got (I know he liked the mattress).

I know it’s silly to have emotional attachment to a bed frame, but I have a lot of good memories of cuddling with my kitties on that bed. While I was pregnant, when I woke up in the middle of the night I frequently moved to the guest room and turned on the tv to fall back asleep without waking up my husband. It was my primary bed for about ten years, which is probably the most time I owned any bed.

2015 kitty cuddles when I was sick