Review: Mulan pricing

I can’t review Disney’s live action Mulan because I haven’t seen it yet. But I have had several conversations with people and seen a good bit of commentary on the “they are charging $30 on TOP of the Disney+ sub to watch it” debate. I even know of people who are pirating it (or at least say they are) because of the “principle” of paying on top of a subscription to watch the movie.

I am against piracy. If there is a legal means of attaining the property, even if you think it’s ridiculous and unreasonable… no. Just no. The word is piracy – and that is a bad thing people. Always. The only time I have “pirated” media was when I could not find it legally (this was also like 10 years ago, the internet has evolved a little since then). Literally, I tried to reach out to the publisher listed on an old CD (out of business). I tried to find the artist (could not find them at all). I searched the internet for any kind of legal contact. The CD wasn’t sold on Amazon or eBay. I found zilch. So I didn’t feel guilty going to PirateBay and downloading my music (honestly, I was a little surprised I found it there). My CD was scratched and unlistenable. I couldn’t legally find a replacement.

So Mulan is being “released” on Disney+ for an additional $30 “premium” fee. The argument is that this is an average cost for people to view it in a theater. People are unhappy about this, and I am not sure I blame them. This isn’t a theatrical release. I can’t mimic the theater experience in my home. Because I have a toddler – I’m probably not going to “pay” (grandparents don’t ask for cash, but there is still an exchange of something) to watch my 18m old while my hubby and I go to a movie. I can’t pay someone to make me popcorn or give me candy – I have to do it myself. I can’t get my house as dark as a theater. I don’t have a theater equivalent sound system (I don’t really WANT one honestly).

If I went and spent $15 on a single ticket (which is probably about normal in Atlanta- not the worst, not the best) – $30 for my husband and myself – I would expect a theater experience. The theater we like is about $10 at it’s most expensive and has AWESOME chairs and allows unlimited drinks, popcorn or candy if you buy the corresponding container. To me, I am not a massive “see a movie in the theater” unless the theater provide something (like a sound system that rattles my teeth) to make the movie experience more fun. Occasionally, I have gone to see a movie in the theater because I wanted to add my tiny dollar to show support. This hasn’t happened in a while though.

Do I think Disney is being unreasonable? They are skipping the “theatrical release” and all the income that usually provides. $30 for multiple people is actually a reasonable price for a theatrical release viewing – BUT you aren’t getting that theatrical experience so is it? I don’t know. I know for ME, I am probably just going to wait until December. It’s not like I’m going to have plot spoilers for Mulan if I wait.

I definitely don’t support downloading/illegally viewing it. Either you cough up the $30 or you wait (and still pay for Disney+ but….)