Review: Blueland

I do not have the same adversity to advertising some people do. I don’t like intrusive ads, but sometimes an ad points me to a product I wouldn’t have known of otherwise. Such was the case with Blueland. I was on Facebook and I just kept seeing this ad for reusable soap dispenser. It is up my alley. I try to be environmentally conscious.

So I clicked on the link. We needed soap soon. I went ahead and ordered the Hand Soap Starter Set.

I won’t say I’m in love with the product, but it absolutely meets the requirements of hand soap in our most commonly used bathroom. This is the bathroom where we wash our hands after being in the public. This is the bathroom nearby post-meals (baby eats messily ya know!). This is the bathroom guests would use if we were having people over.

The little tablets are easy. Not too strong on scent but strong enough that when you get some soap on your hands you might get a drift of scent. I thoroughly appreciate this. I don’t like extremely strong scents as they can induce an asthma attack. I enjoy yummy smells nonetheless, but artificial scents cause problems and so there is a negative association. We are on the second tablet of the three since March, which considering how much more hand washing we’re doing… let it speak to the quantity.

My only criticism is really picky. The bottle itself has a minor flaw in my opinion. The bottom is… visually obnoxious. You can’t necessarily see when you are running out. We ran into this, thinking there was still a decent amount in there until I picked up the bottle to just “chuck the rest” and found – EMPTY. It was almost 100% empty but it didn’t look like it.

Overall, I have been very happy with the soap, the dispenser, and the ordering/shipping was easy and clear. I am going to be ordering refill tablets and the dishwasher tablets next.