Listening is hard

I wrote about this just the other week and then I had to live it. I listen to The Bulwark Podcast regularly. Not every day, but it is something to listen to while I’m cooking dinner and it makes me think. It also engages me with more conservative thought without being Trump supporters (Sykes might hate Trump more than any liberal I know).

The other day he had a guest, Kmele Foster, who talked about anti-racism. This particular podcast was pretty hard for me to listen to. There were several points where I started to argue with my speaker and had to stop myself and listen again.

I wrote just the other week how we have to really stop and listen to people. And it might have been twenty minutes before he said something that I think was really valuable. In it he is talking about cops killing white people being under-reported and how that is bad too. Then he said something that really stuck with me.

When we misdiagnose the problem, the likelihood that you come up with the wrong kind of solutions is very high.

In this argument he stressed the idea that the police killing problem is sometimes presented as a “black only” problem instead of a “police violence” problem. Now. Even after this statement there were points I started going, “but what about X!” because his argument feels somewhat narrow to me.

However, that said – I forced myself to stop and listen to a reasoned argument and as much as I might disagree with wide swaths of his point, these points where we can meet and agree (police killing people arbitrarily is not ok) are vital to making actual change happen in our democrazy (that started as a typo and I decided to leave it).