Politics: the impeachment hearings

I have been trying NOT to just listen to the hearings… it’s awful. For so many reasons, I don’t really want to listen. I feel like it’s important to at least get some recaps each day (this is too important an issue).

But if you DO listen and you need something for sanity – I came up with an Impeachment Hearings Drinking Game

  • 1 chug “can the president appoint anyone he wants as an ambassador”
  • 1 chug “Russian collusion delusion” references
  • 1 chug “let her answer the full question”
  • 1 shot “no one is above the law”
  • 1 shot “we should know who the whistleblower is/whistleblower is a coward.”
  • 1 shot “Hunter Biden”
  • 1 water “thank you for your service” (you need it!)
  • 1 water every time an aide gives the representative a correction

After I wrote up my thoughts I went to the internet and found Gizmodo had a more thorough list (I still like mine, but theirs is pretty good too): https://www.gizmodo.co.uk/2019/11/trump-impeachment-hearing-drinking-game-rules/