Politics: Why aren’t we doing more?

I can’t watch the news right now without being angry. I can’t watch comedic sketches about the news without being angry. It is too exhausting to be angry all the time, but there is a part of my brain always ready to turn on that juice – it’s just waiting for an outlet at all moments.

I studied history and I can’t see what’s happening along the Mexico-US border without hearing ringing cries of “concentration camps” in my head. I can’t head stories of ICE raids without hearing “ghettos.” I basically can’t hear “Mexican” without hearing “Jap.” And I cringe even writing it. Even thinking it.

I have written my representatives. I am going to begin calling them every week. I would like a march on D.C. – I would like millions (not thousands, millions) of us to march on our representatives. Not in the streets. I would like us all to pick a week and start standing in lines outside their doors. Each of with a sign of our state with the House district number inside. I would love to see people from every district in the union show up demanding this be addressed.

I don’t know how to even begin organizing such a thing. The important part would need to be getting representatives who are supportive of doing something setting a good example. I would love to see supportive representatives out there holding signs listing the bills they’ve introduced or signed onto . I think one of the things that pisses me off right now is that people say “nobody is doing anything” and that isn’t actually true. Dozens of bills or amendments-to-bills have been introduced. I have no idea how many are sitting unread on desks of “leadership” (who are doing a frankly shitty job of LEADING).

I don’t know what else I CAN do. I can vote. I can talk. I can march. I’m doing two of these three. What else can I do? What else can you do?