Review: Shopping eShakti

So this is NOT a book review – it’s a review of an online shopping site called eShakti.  I have looong avoided buying clothes online.  My luck with places like Wish or Amazon or even “traditional” stores like Macy’s or JCPenny was awful.  Mostly misses and rarely hits.  And returns…. ugh!

So when my Facebook began showing me super-cute dresses from this site called eShakti I was wary.  To say the least.  But one of them was just too perfect and so I took the risk.  I used my credit card I trusted would allow me to refute the charges if I did end up in some kind of fight and ordered 2 dresses (there was a Buy One, Get one 1/2 off).

So the huge boon to eShakti is for $9.95 ($10) they customize size, sleeves, length – whatever.  Even without $10 they demand your height and hem it accordingly.  I put the $10 on each dress and ended up at $82.75 – which at ~$40 per dress is at least as good as I would buy at a Macy’s or JCPEnny or Kohl’s (normally).  Yes, I love finding dresses on sale for $20, but let’s be honest – decent dresses run $39.99 on sale.

So I get the two dresses in July.  One of them I am in love with.  It’s a great green and has a POCKET – like a real pocket.  Like my 5″ phone disappears and doesn’t even screw up the line sized POCKET.  OMG.  It’s a great jersey-knit cotton that doesn’t wrinkle easily and I am obsessed.  I would wear it pretty much every day if I could.

The second dress did not meet my approval.  I had thought I was buying something casual, but when I got it – well the material was more “formal” of a polyester.  More of a chiffon than a cotton.  Fortunately, this gave me the perfect opportunity to make a return.  They say it’s easy but…

Well, it was.  They automatically include a return label and all I had to do was print off my return information from the website and mail the box.  It took about 2 weeks and they offered me either store credit or to return to the cost to my card.  I went ahead and took the credit and ordered another dress – another one I’m in love with.

So eShakti isn’t the cheapest – but between their $10 customization and constant sales, promotions & deals… They are running about the cost of a “professional” dress at most of the major stores around me AND they have real pockets.