Politics: Improvements or SHUT UP

I am so sick of reading political news right now.  I am so sick of the “my way or NO ONE GETS ANYTHING” tone of the rhetoric.  Why are “cooperation” and “compromise” nasty words?  In politics especially they are a requirement. When people don’t apply these we get half-assed solutions that get thrown out before they even have a chance to make any significant impact (bad OR good).  Lemme give an example.

Obamacare has problems.  A LOT of problems.  I said since day 0 of the discussion I couldn’t 100% support ANY passage which exempted Congress.  AFTER ACA passed I still grumbled about this point – I think Congressmen should have to buy their own insurance from the exchange from within THEIR district.  So little tiny district in Wyoming (or GA) has shitty options?  Guess who lives with shitty options?

THAT SAID, when the GOP kept trying to “repeal and replace” without ever actually building or talking about a replacement PLAN…. that was worse.  No.  I’m sorry you don’t like cabbage soup, but you don’t get to throw it out the window because it wasn’t the steak and french fries YOU wanted.  Cabbage soup is better than starvation and right now I am facing starvation. I will gratefully take the damn cabbage soup.  I’d love steak and french fries too, but since you apparently don’t have a cow and never planted potatoes… we have cabbage soup.  Shut up or go find a damn cow.

With the walk-out of the Paris accords and the walk-out of the Iran deal…. I am disgusted.  Beyond disgusted. I can’t find a word that conveys the depths of my disgust. There wasn’t a better option on the table.  There were imperfections and issues with them (well not so much Paris, what I know of that one was pretty good for the US all said and done).  BUT THEY ARE BETTER THAN STARVING.

We are now looking at a world where Iran and North Korea will have unstable governments with nuclear bombs.  Because “someone” didn’t get HIS damn burned steak and soggy french fries.  So our cabbage soup got thrown out the window.  And even worse is the voices of people standing by and watching, nodding and saying, “So smart! So Leader! Look how we will never settle for less than steak and french fries!”

No.  No.  No.

We can eat cabbage soup now and plant potatoes, they’ll take awhile to grow. We’ll probably have to find and trade with someone with a cow for our steak.  And that’s ok.  We can work with our neighbors. They aren’t Reavers from Firefly/Serenity and going to try to cannibalize us. I don’t know how to show people that working together gets us more than working against others.  Because as mad as I am at the politicians with that rhetoric, I am more angry at voters who keep them in their positions of power.