Manners: Kindergarten

You know that phrase “everything you need to know about life can be learned….” I’m a big fan of the answer “kindergarten”

Are you lonely and in need of a smile? Try sitting in a field of flowers and imagine the singing flowers from Alice in Wonderland (old Disney, not new Disney). Or coloring. Or asking for a hug.

If you see someone crying, go and sit beside them, hold their hand. You don’t have to say anything – just be there.

Are you nervous at a conference? Find your buddy!  Best plan – have a buddy before you show up and make sure you find your buddy! Your buddy will help you be safe.

Did you learn in Kindergarten NOT to cut in line? Next time you’re driving and you see a line of cars…

Are you in a public restroom?  Guess what – just like you were taught at school, you need to check and MAKE SURE you flushed it all. People run out like the TP is going to jump out of the bowl and attack them.  Like – you already USED the public toilet. It’s too late to hide from it, now be an adult and make sure it flushes. Some of them need an extra flush…

Are you stressed? Get some milk and cookies.  See how much you can dunk without it crumbling OR getting milk on your fingers.