Politics: Georgia’s 6th

As I sit in bed Tuesday night, the news is already declaring Karen Handel winning Georgia’s 6th district – a study in money in politics and the insanity of the current electoral process. She didn’t win by much, for a district that is historically much above the national average…. it was a loss for the GOP in many ways despite winning the seat.

It was a bitter fight and even as much into politics as I am (and I don’t live in the district), I am sick of this particular election… Much as I felt coming up to Nov last year. The ad campaigns, the rhetoric…. it’s too much.

Worse, everyone keeps talking about this like it has something to do with Trump. Which is Bullshit.

I live in Georgia, I was born and raised here and unfortunately, this win has little to do with Trump.

Oh, there are plenty of people who can’t stand him – and not just democrats. There are plenty of “conservatives” who think he’s a horrible human being, a “fake” republican (hilarious when I hear this), corrupt, and incompetent.

Unfortunately, they don’t believe any of those things about the GOP. This isn’t about the president, it’s about the team.

These are the same people who have adored the Braves whether they are winning  or losing. These are people who buy season tickets to cheer on a dog-represented team for a college they never attended, their kids never attended and they couldn’t get into if they tried.

The GOP is the “home team” -and oh the irony there!- and Georgians will be loyal to the home team no matter what. They will say over and over “this is the year we win the championship!” no matter how bad the pitcher/quarterback/whoever is that can make & break a team.

Unfortunately, politics aren’t sports. We actually have 2 hometown teams. I don’t know why people keep picking the team who don’t know the difference between a pitcher and kicker, but they do.