Writing: Plots and Twists, Oh my!

So I have a plot idea where the main character has to make a choice. She will not have good options.

Option #1: she uses the magic to cure herself of a curse which is painful, incites danger around her, and probably killed her master. BUT her family is missing (and possibly being tortured and/or enslaved because of HER) and will probably NEVER be found if she does this… AND has a chance that it might expose the flaws in the “protections” of her homeland… might.

Option #2: free her family. BUT she will have to continue living with a curse that most likely will destroy either herself or any kind of friends or family. AND will definitely expose her homeland to very-likely invasion.

Option #3: run-away and try to “escape” the curse – or at least stay ahead of it. Protects her homeland but her family will remain “lost” (and presumed to be in terrible torment).

There are no good options. Once she understands the plight and the costs… she must choose and no matter her choice there will be consequences of a dire sort. I am deciding exactly what choice she will make and envisioning what each one would make as far as book 2  – does she quest for different answers and seek new magic; does she have to fight the invasion of a horrible army (not actually that horrible – they have pretty damn good reasons to hate her people!); or does she free herself of the burden of her own curse to try to protect her homeland (which will fail) so she can use her own considerable magic to attempt to prevent invasion…..

I almost want to write the book with all three endings and then write all three sequels. Would definitely be something new and different….

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