Musings: My Superpower

It’s actually a good thing I don’t have super powers, I’m not sure I could be a super hero. I mean, I would totally try to do good things, but let’s face it – “good” is subjective.

I would want to stand up to bullies, and if I had superpowers I could do it without considering the forces which are driving that bully to bully someone else. Even knowing that a bully might just be as messed up as the person they are bullying… in that moment when I have the power to step in and stop one person’s pain – would I really make the right choice?

So let’s look at some “super powers” that might be useful without turning me into a villain bent on “fixing” everything:

1. I hear the soundtrack. My soundtrack specifically, but it would be cool if I could concentrate and hear others’ soundtracks as well. I don’t have strength or speed, just – knowledge without being intrusive.

You see, I have never liked the idea of telepathy. I don’t want to know what someone is thinking (hell, there are days I don’t want to know what I am thinking!) so telepathy is out. And empathy isn’t much better really, so much feels – I would struggle with the “I want to make it better.”  Soundtrack is a good little “well it could be….”

2. Apply color to the world.  Oh, you want your cat to be green – here it’s now a green cat. It isn’t paint and it isn’t genetic changes (no breeding future-green-cats). It just is now that color. I would of course have to become an interior decorator and learn to paint-paint (so I know how to apply my colors in murals and such).  I’d be the cheapest damn painter (look ma, no paints!) AND the cheapest mural-ist ever.

3. Weather bubble around me. Maybe as much as a 2-foot radius. Not enough to fly or whatever Storm does, but enough that I would never be sweaty and gross just because (thanks Georgia!) or worry about droughts not letting me water my plants (granted, it would mean ME getting wet too). No umbrellas…

So those are my I-don’t-want-to-turn-into-the-villain power choices.  I tried to put them in order, but really I think any of them would be pretty cool.