Politics: Open Letter (GA Sec. of State)

This is a copy of the letter (yes, physical snail mail) I sent to my state’s Secretary of State, Brian Klemp this week. Similar letters have been sent to my national representatives and my GA House & Senate representatives (those also called for them to step up as an active supporter on their respective available legislation). I post it openly as well and encourage others to use it as a template.

Attn: Brian Kemp
214 State Capitol
Atlanta, GA 30334

RE: Voter Registration & Empowerment

Dear Brian Kemp,

I am writing to you to ask you to support increased voter access & information in Georgia. The first change I would ask you to champion more voter opt-out policies.

In 2015 both the Georgia house & senate had bills which would have allowed for all people with a state-issued ID to be automatically registered to vote.  I heard you on NPR recently state how proud you are of the work you have helped to improve voter registration; I encourage you to seek the next step for even greater availability and initiative.

  1. I would like to see you release public statements asking for new bills which empower voters more than GA HB 665 or GA SB 31 (introduced in the 2015 session). We should be a state that opts-out voters, instead of placing the burden of registration solely on the voter.
  2. Empower voters with information on their ballot. The example for this would be California’s Code on mailing sample ballots to their constituency (CA Election Code, §13303). This information would empower voters to make informed decisions on candidates and ballot measures.

Voting might be one of the most important elements of a strong democracy, and an informed voter is empowered to make the best possible choices.  Understanding who is running, or supporting a bill; having a plain-language description of the candidates or amendments; presenting pro- and cons- of each measure could all drastically improve voter participation in local elections and ballot amendments such as were presented on the 2016 ballot.

I ask that you continue to support measures that would increase voter registration, information and turn-out.

Thank you,

[Insert your name here]