Politics: I am With Her

Ok, so just days until the final election day – it’s almost over! For good or ill, we’ll all know soon how the chips will fall.  So, this close I am going to finally come out and explain why I am voting for Hillary Clinton.

My choice to support her is actually simple.  I am a Christian.

I have written before about two verses which I see as incredibly important:

Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow. – Isaiah 1:17

“He will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.’ – Matthew 25:45

I like these for many reasons, their simplicity, clarity, and the fact they come from both Old and New Testament books. When I read the laws in Exodus: many of them are about how not to be greedy and selfish. How to look after the poor, the widow (and I consider any single parent “widow”), the sick… Old and New repeat a message that the God I read calls me to think of those around me. The stories of Ruth and the Good Samaritan even show I am supposed to look at “other” as worthy of love, understanding, and grace.

I don’t see that in the GOP’s message or actions.

I do see that in the Democrat’s actions, if not always in their message.

Done. My decision is simple. I will vote for the candidate who is seeking to provide food, shelter, and succor to the poor. I will vote for the candidate who will decry injustice in our legal system so that innocent prisoners may be set free (and the guilty may still find grace). I will vote for the candidate with a track record of trying to improve schools (including things like paying teachers). I will vote for the candidate who has a history of matching these goals to actions – however imperfectly.

I will vote for the candidate who can admit she made mistakes and seek forgiveness. I am voting for the candidate who started her career at the Child Defense Fund. I am voting for the candidate who has served a foundation that seeks to provide heath care around the globe to those who can’t afford it.

When you start looking at her “scandals” I can only come to one of two conclusions:

  1. She is not guilty (note: I didn’t say “innocent.” I said she wasn’t guilty as defined by any laws of the land. Don’t like them? Run for office and try to change those laws! FYI – you still won’t be able to go back and convict her. All you can do is change the go-forward rules.)
  2. She is a super villain of truly Lex Lutheran proportions and we don’t stand a chance of beating her rise to power – we lack super heroes (unless, I guess, you think Obama is a super hero and that explains how she lost in 2008…)

Here’s the thing. She isn’t “all powerful.” The people who are opposing her: other senators, other presidents (there are 2 living Republican presidents that could have been speaking out against her if she was really “evil” – I think their silence on her “scandals” is actually a kind of testimony), other rich people – are just as powerful as any Clinton (and arguably possibly more powerful…. entrenched family power vs  the “upstarts” that the Clinton are… I mean really, so classless!).  In 20+ years don’t you think that maybe, just maybe if there really WAS something worth finding they would have uncovered it and gotten it to stick to her? Or is she Lex Luther + boobs and thus made of some kind of super-science-plastic that means stuff don’t stick (pretty sure those people can afford gorilla glue….).

It wasn’t even really a difficult decision. I don’t 100% agree with her, but I agree with her a LOT more than her (only viable) opponent. I’m voting for her and I’m proud to say it.