Life: This week….

This week has been terrible. I keep trying to tell myself it could be worse, but you know what? It is bad enough that I’m chalking into the terrible category and leaving it there.

Let’s start with the overwhelming stress and terror of putting in an offer on a house over the weekend. We made an offer Saturday night. They had an open house Sunday and afterwards delayed telling us they had offer(s) until late Sunday night. So Monday we needed to try to make the best offer possible. Which meant updating our pre-approval letter (it was about to expire).

Now, my credit is all locked down because someone tried to open a credit card in my name/SSN several years ago. Unlocking it is a pain in the ass. There is no nice way to say it. The PIN for unlocking it works – IF I can log into the site for EACH of the credit bureaus… (they really need a better system for log ons – no I don’t want to call your terrible Customer Service department because I log on 1-2 times a year and so don’t remember my password!)

We got the new letter. We basically re-submitted the same offer (below asking price). We agreed it was a fair market value for a house with an old roof and un-declared-age-HVAC.

Apparently one of the other offers is the one they decided to go with.  Arg. Ok. We made our decision not to meet their asking price and lost our gamble. On us and I’m ok with that.

So speaking of old HVAC units- our apartment unit is giving up the ghost. This has been a bit of a saga at least since I moved in. Every time the weather went above 80/85F, we had to call maintenance to get them to come and jump-start the A/C to actually cool below the 85 mark (when it’s 78 outside and 85 inside…. that’s not a good A/C).

Well the complex got sold to a new management company a month or so ago. Not shocking, this weekend we noticed the A/C struggling a little. Monday night it apparently just decided to give up – never cooling below 85F (anyone wanna postulate why it like 85 so much no matter the outside temperature?) Tuesday we put in a maintenance request.  My husband was told “well, we might be able to do it tomorrow” and he put his foot down and demanded they come out Tuesday. Tuesday night we both got home after the office was closed. He called the on-call maintenance number.

Honestly, given the rain storm we had Tuesday night, the maintenance guy presented us with a portable window-unit for the night. He also told us he was never even told that our unit was one of the ones he needed to look at on Tuesday during the workday. Saw red.

Wednesday, I came home from work early (as of mid/late morning when my husband left for work late they hadn’t arrived….) and found the thermostat cranked down to 60F – theoretically they came out? Two hours later it’s still not cooling off… and of course it’s after the office has closed. We discuss calling the after hours again and decided not to since they hadn’t taken away the window unit so we could at least sleep cool(er).

There is no resolution yet… and I am furious because if I was a homeowner I would be able to talk about just getting a brand new unit. But I can’t. I don’t have that kind of power here. I can yell. I can scream. I can threaten to “repair & deduct” (which is our next step) and then I can call my own repair person. However, I can’t (really) just replace the unit because that’s more than 2 months rent (60 days is minimum requirement for them to give us notice to kick us out).

Add to that my despair for the RNC convention this week…. I’m done. I’m ready to hide my keys under the mattress and not come out for awhile.