Politicis: NC’s HB2 (“The Bathroom Bill”)

How is this anything like a “commonsense” bill? It does not even make sense – as a lot of comedians have been saying. It is someone trying to hurt a group of people who they don’t like. It’s a Bully Bill.

Let’s be really frank here. If I am in the bathroom and anyone tries to assault me or peek into my stall or whatever-it-is-that-the-folks-who-support-this-are-afraid-of; I don’t give a damn what gender their license says. They are a pervert and disgusting and need to go to jail. And I bet there are already laws on the books that take care of it.

This bill isn’t about protecting me or anyone else.

This bill is about hurting a population of people who are already disenfranchised. Like any bully, the writers of this bill are picking on someone they know they can hurt. They found someone smaller and weaker than themselves and threw a punch.

What they didn’t expect is that the sports teams actually have some cool cats on them and so all the cool kids are now standing up to the bully. They are telling the bully to stop. Boycotting might be a bit painful, but it is effective (look at how quick Indiana decided to lower their fist again). I sympathize with liberal/progressive/don’t-support-this-bill people living in NC. I’m sorry they’ve been caught in the middle of this.

But the bullies in this country need to be told that their behavior won’t be tolerated. Any law which demonizes an entire group of people – for any reason – is wrong. Whether you are talking race, sex, religion, etc.; when you discuss a group of people it needs to recognize that group is made of individuals. Timothy Mcviegh was a white man, but people don’t fear all white men now. We need to work to get to the point where individuals are held accountable, not groups.

NC’s HB2 bill is just the latest example of a bully who is insecure trying to look strong and unafraid by hurting someone else.