Life Events: Listing

Yesterday I listed my condo for sale.  I am writing this the night-of, so when you read this, it will be “yesterday.”

Almost exactly 3 years ago the contract was accepted for me to buy this condo. I was terrified. Terrified. Homeownership is a big deal. It’s the American Dream.

Granted, I’m pretty sure the American Dream is supposed to involve a yard and cutting the grass and a driveway.  I wasn’t ready for the yard thing and I knew it. I don’t like grass. And I hate cutting it. So I compromised and decided to hunt for condos. It also allowed me to be in nice areas with my budget.

My condo is in a great location. Walking distance to shopping/food (good food too!) and I could walk to MARTA.  There aren’t 100% sidewalks which is why I usually didn’t, but I could. (and I did like twice when I really, really, really wanted to).

And now I’ve got it listed to sell. There is a piece of me sad to let go of someplace so nice. Someplace I finally got set up in a way that made me happy. Sad I let my couch go – even to a good home. But it’s time to move forward and onward. So I’m letting myself feel these things.

Besides, once the condo sells I can move onto the fun part – house hunting.