Musings: Good Enough Marketing

I have been saying for years that I fail at marketing. I’m terrible at it.  This weekend I had an epiphany. I think of marketing as selling thins. And I am pretty terrible at selling things. I hate haggling. I am not fond of negotiations. I’m a little too empathetic to my audience and yet not empathetic enough to know when I can push and when I shouldn’t. I have watched others do this for years and marveled at their ability to know just that sweet spot.

Then I read this line on a guest blog on WIL WHEATON dot NET:

Spread joy for no other reason than to spread it.

That’s how he markets. Duh right?

Yes, this is the phrase that hit me like a wall. In fact, his post was something I really needed to read. I needed to be reminded that “good enough” is ok. A lot of writing blogs and articles to “help” get published make it sound like it’s not. Perfection is required.

Good enough to entertain me might not be the one that gets published on a shelf. It might be the piece I upload to WordPress. Start a page for chapters… god knows I’ve written about how I started writing to tell the story I wanted to read. I need to live up to my own words and remember: Tell the story to me, not to a publisher.

Expect to see something fantastical soon. Very soon.