Writing: Mary Sue

I stood up in the crowd of people. They noticed me.

I pushed back against the bully to protect someone. I won.

I feel no pain. No fear. My rage is always completely justified. My love is always true and pure.

I can wield any weapon I desire.

I can drive any vehicle.

All the skills are mine.

Does any writer NOT struggle against the Mary Sue/ Gary Stu conundrum? I think I would like to gather the Mary Sue/Gary Stu stories of famous authors and put them into a book. How many choose Star Wars? Star Trek? Harry Potter? Firefly? Would there be cross-overs?

I mean, how cool would it be to see JK Rowling write her fanfic in Discworld or to see Neil Gaiman put his Gary Stu into the Wheel of Time or Middle Earth?  Just to see what some of the “big” authors would choose and where they would go… much less how they would portray their Mary/Gary choice.

Maybe I’ll pick a month in 2016 and do that… once a week I’ll write a fan-fiction short story.  Maybe start some”Fanfic Fridays”

Some ideas I think might be entertaining:

  • An American-version Hogwarts (tho I might end up exploring a different way magic could go/might have gone in the US… because we’re special snowflakes ya know…);
  • So I played in a Star Wars RPG (we were soooo broken) and I might have to do a story of my favorite character from that game (I had 3 characters over the ~10 years of campaign);
  • “Waking up” in an urban fantasy environment.  whether it will be American God’s world, White Wolf, or Dresden Files… not a question I can answer right now;
  • Ubiquitous need for a Pern fanfic though I’ll have to decide what my place in that world is (and I’ll probably screw something up ’cause I’ve only read like a dozen of the books… not 100%)
  • Another cyborg in the world of Lunar Chronicles (if you haven’t read – go get Cinder and start reading.

Any suggestions? Requests? Ideas?


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