Life: Resolutions

I don’t set yearly resolutions in January.  Too much can change during a year for me to know everything I want in Month One.  I do have ongoing goals. Goals I can start Jan 1st or May 18th or Sept 21st.  I don’t need to make them public (usually).

The one thing I do like to do at the change of the year is to look forward and consider who I want to be. Sometimes there are goals associated with  these. Sometimes it is more than just a goal can achieve:

  1. I want to write more. Blogging. Novels. Short Stories. Hell, let’s try poems.  I want to be a writer first. I want it to be one of the things everyone knows about me.
  2. Which means I need to be brave about my writing. I need to put the shit out in the flowerbed and hope I get some flowers. I have historically been a pretty thorough coward. I know that there are authors who have gotten published with writing worse than mine, but those aren’t the ones I compare myself to… and there is an Australian-sized piece of my brain that thinks I shouldn’t put anything out unless it compares to “them.”
  3. Get physical.  Not get in shape. Healthy is nice. Certainly Healthy is important. I’ve been improving the diet thing. I’ve been cooking more and better foods… what I really need to figure out next is the physical thing. Running. Martial Arts. Morning Yoga. Hell, walking 5,000 every day is still on my to-do list. It’s more than a goal. It’s deeper than SMART because I know it is a change in lifestyle. Lifestyle changes are way harder than goals.

Those are the big ones.  All three of them are bigger than just a goal.  I could set a goal for 500, 1000, or 10,000 words a day… this is more than just one goal. It means figuring out how to turn off my day-job. Leave work at work. Turn off household chores. Stop thinking about it.

These aren’t goals. They aren’t resolutions. I’ve already started. But I have to keep going. Keep turning into the person I want to be.