Writing: Dear Future Me

Dear Future Me,

These last few weeks have been frightening, I hope when you are society looks back and shakes its heads sadly. The memories of pain and fear. The sorrow and striking images of suffering which sadden society. I want to remind you: I hope you remember how much I am relying on the courage of those who came before me. Future Me, are you smiling and chuckling at my fear – wondering why I am afraid? Or are you looking up at new fears?

Future Me, right now I see a world full of pain and suffering… a darkness which seems about to fill every corner and crevice. The sun sets so early and the darkness of the night seems about to swallow the world. Just as we come to the time of year full of “joys” and “peaces” and “love”… those words sound as hollow as the bells ringing, calling us to remember those who need these words most…

Of course, it is only in that night that I can see the stars you’ve reached. Future Me, are the stars as beautiful when you reach them as they are here? Are they more beautiful than I can imagine? Do you look around yourself and wonder why I, Past You, could think those stars are so far?

Does each new hill and mountain you ascended show a vista unparalleled to the views I’ve already seen? Future Me, I am looking back at my past hills and mountains to remember how scary they were from the other side. How worthwhile those views were when I reached them.  I want to remind you of those views which are now even further behind you.

Future Me, I speak of your history so you do not forget it. Forgetting it will cause me to repeat it. Future Me, listen to me, your past. Listen and do not forget. Do not dwell in the valleys, but remember them. Do not forget the scrapes which helped me to get to this mountain-face.

And Laugh. Future Me, laugh at me for being afraid of this mountain. Wink at the star beside you. I’ll see you on the other side.

With all the love, joy, and peace which fill the winter nights:

Past You & Current Me