Life Events: No Reviews Nov

I haven’t written any book reviews because I’ve mostly been reading from series. In general, unless it’s the first book in a series and stands alone well (such as the Crosspointe book I reviewed), I don’t like reviewing one book in a series.  And all-too-many series are unfinished. (Damn those authors for publishing before they finish)

I struggle with this because I kind of like writing a review. There is a challenge in sharing “omg I liked this book so much” without spoiling everything for someone else.  My next book on my shelf is actually a re-read from early high school years. I want to see if it held up and how much my thoughts have changed will change how I view the book… trilogy. I probably won’t even start the books this month, so it’ll be more than a minute to get that review done.

Mostly, I am just trying to catch up on NaNoWriMo… I’m consistently behind without a lot of hope of catching up… Work has been taking a lot of brain power and it’s all I can do to keep on top of things like food (people and cats), laundry, and well… life.  I’m going to keep trying.  If I force 500 words one day and a thousand the next… eventually I’ll at least have some words and then on Saturdays and Sundays (when I have a little more brain power to devote), I try to catch up.