The Super-Secret-Blinker Club: Memberships Available Now!

No monetary membership dues!

Low Requirements* for entry!

Membership Benefits** for every day activities!

*Requirements for entry include:

  • utilizing a blinker prior to turning or changing lanes (including turn lanes!);
  • respecting others’ blinkers: allowing them to turn or enter lanes when legally allowed;
  • confirming blinkers turn off properly after a lane change or turn;
  • when parallel parking;
  • when parking in a designated parking spot

** Benefits include:

  • Having others allow you to turn or enter lanes when legally allowed;
  • Avoiding collisions while turning
  • Small air-fives from other members after utilizing blinkers
  • parking in that spot you were waiting for while the person walked their grocery cart to the cart-return
  • bonus: having a passenger hop out and take the grocery cart from you when you are about to take it to the cart return so they can get your spot a little faster!